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…and a Gentleman

It didn’t seem like a tough assignment. In fact, I’d done it once before. How hard can it be to call a toll-free number and request a form? And yet, I had major league misgivings…… Let’s back up. The foundation … Continue reading

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Darkness At…..Lunch

Tuesday afternoon I’m sitting at the Longhorn Steak House having lunch (salmon Caesar salad and some of the best coffee available), contentedly reading my newspaper (NY Times — excellent article filleting Ralph Nader and his legion of fans like me … Continue reading

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Don’t Let the Tangerine Tree Smack You in the Ass on the Way Out

This was posted elsewhere exactly one year ago today. It is repeated here only after securing permission by the author, who remains shackled and bleeding in the other room. Here’s some encouraging news: For the first time since the Depression, … Continue reading

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Where Have I Seen Your Face Before?

Right where it is now. But the name is different, and surer than hell the posting frequency will be different.   Keeping up with the real world while simultaneously eyeballing the blogosphere requires more time and opportunity than I can manage … Continue reading

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