Where Have I Seen Your Face Before?

Right where it is now.

But the name is different, and surer than hell the posting frequency will be different.   Keeping up with the real world while simultaneously eyeballing the blogosphere requires more time and opportunity than I can manage right now.  Down With Reality, as we used to say.  Really.

So please check in now and then, if only briefly.  You can leave your hat on.   Your comments are the best: they’re the major reason I do this and the dominant factor for this Return from the Grave.

Finally, while I’m easily “outed,” please don’t, as it will only lead to yet another vanishing act.

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12 Responses to Where Have I Seen Your Face Before?

  1. Miami Harold says:

    I knew you’d be back.
    Between your own creative poisons
    and the outpouring of reader regret,
    you had to keep the lifeline intact.
    Remember your priorities.
    Don’t overdo it.
    But do it.

  2. alesh says:

    Whoa, dude, it’s like in the middle ages, or druids, or something. Not bad.

    “Please don’t out me!”

  3. squathole says:

    Alesh: I suspect you mean, “Don’t out me, bro!” Which in fact is pretty droll.

  4. MadamI says:

    Glad to see that you “the great squathole” has graced us with your presence yet again! Welcome Back!!

  5. Ruh Roh says:

    Well well. Ditto Miami Harold. One question: where did you come up with “squathole”? And why?

  6. squathole says:

    It’s sort of a childhood pun on the Native American name “Squanto.” For some reason, doubtlessly based on my own immaturity, I continue to find this amusing.

    PS Glad to see you found your way here, altho damned if I can figure out how. Did Squanto guide you?

  7. Scott says:

    No…. Could it really be? I might be happy.

  8. squathole says:

    Oui. C’est moi. Loose lips sink ships.

  9. mkh says:

    Hmm, now I know why the power failed yesterday.

  10. gwizzz says:

    You know how bad a person you are for being anonymous? You want me to tell you?

    A void has been filled.


  11. squathole says:

    Yes, I’m an immoral beast. But wait — you knew that.

    Thanks for sticking around.

  12. FerfelaBat says:




    *inside voice*


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