Still Crouched in the Bushes, Taking Notes

How funny is this? A world authority and serious student of human nature is quoted on the Eliot Spitzer scandal:

“I think biologists could tell you this has something to do with natural selection — the person who acquires power becomes the alpha male,” said Tom Fiedler, who teaches a course in press and politics at Harvard’s Kennedy School. He was involved in reporting Gary Hart’s notorious fling with Donna Rice in 1987 that terminated the senator’s presidential bid.

Politics and sex is an old story, and as Mr. Fiedler and others point out, it simply reinforces the lessons of the aphrodisiac of power taught in Shakespeare. Its prime characters constitute a crowded society. — NY Times

Tom Thumb, from the Hurled to Harvard. There goes the neighborhood.

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10 Responses to Still Crouched in the Bushes, Taking Notes

  1. Sen Larry Craig says:

    I find Eliot Spitzer’s conduct appalling and unacceptable, not to mention hypocritical. And I know whereof I speak.

  2. Beardsley says:

    Actually, Fiddler Tom has it exactly bass-ackwards. (Not surprising.) The person who acquires power doesn’t become the alpha male; the alpha male is the person who acquires the power.

    Why would the NY Times bother getting a comment from that little shitheel, anyway? Especially when it comes to something he knows squat about.

  3. Tomas says:

    Your inclusion of Sen. Hart in this context is a cheap shot. He was never accused of a crime — nor was anything ever proved as a result of Fiedler’s unprecedented invasion of privacy. Hart has been a model citizen, proving his brilliance and prescience as a public servant over and over again. He and his only wife have been married for almost 50 years. Isn’t it time to leave them alone.

  4. squathole says:

    Tomas: the Hart reference is from the NY Times article. My guess is it’s there to explain to readers why Tom Thumb Fiddler was asked for a comment on the Spitzer deal.

    Only similarities I can see is that Hart airily dared the mdeia to “follow him around” to see for themselves how dull and ordinary his life was, underestimating how doggedly devious that media could be. Careless and naive. Similarly, with Spitzer, how on earth did he suppose he would get away with such recklessness?

    I agree: Hart didn’t commit a crime on the good ship Monkey Business. Neither did Clinton in the Oral Orifice (the follow-up alleged perjury is another story). The only parallel with Spitzer, and presumably the only reason Fiddler’s experience was referenced, is the odd pathology of the actors’ conduct.

  5. ItsShowtime says:

    Don’t believe everything you see or hear. I got arrested once and the next thing you know I’m being charged with solicitation of prostitution. I didn’t do it. Bunk I say! PS: I hate the paparrazzi!

  6. Kent Standit says:

    Oh, he did it alright. He’s not even denying it. He’s probably working with his lawyer right now to concoct a case of addiction to painkillers or goose down feathers to excuse it.

    One question — what the hell did she do that was worth $4,500? Keep her eyes open when she kissed him?

  7. Sen. Larry Craig says:

    I resent the fact that anyone would suggest that there is any parallel between Elliot Spitzer’s situation and mine. I have never had anything to do with prostitutes, nor any other women, not even my wife. — Sen. Larry Craig

  8. It is sad and pathetic that Tom Fiedler’s only claim to fame is that he stuck his nose down another man’s drawers.

  9. chihuahua says:

    arbarbarbarbarb, arbarb arb arbarbarb.


  10. (Prof.) Tom Fiedler says:

    Yeah, go ahead you chirping birdbrains. I served my time in your doggone banana republic and I’m outta there forever. Good luck with your “re-vote.” Hahahahaha!

    By the way, you’ll never catch ME fooling around behind my wife’s back. I’m a good boy, remember?

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