Politics and Parlor Tricks

“Ironic, ain’t t it, that what finally torpedoes Obama isn’t the bullshit about him being a closet Muslim, but the whipped-up horror over his loudmouth Christian pastor?” — Don Tequila, bartender/bouncer/best customer at Liquor & Rubber Balls Lesbian Sports Emporium

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3 Responses to Politics and Parlor Tricks

  1. Ms Calabaza says:

    Don’t count him out yet.

  2. FerfeLaBat says:

    I agree with Ms Calabaza. He’s far from done. People love the drama and it’s keeping him front and center on the TV. No one will remember why he was speaking or even what he said. They will just say, “Hey! I know that guy.” And vote for him.

  3. Manual Override says:

    The roads are littered with pundits who counted out the Clintons before they stopped wriggling on the mat. From Day One it was Hilary’s to hold onto, and as it often turns out, between her tenacity, incredible network of power/connections/money, and sheer instinct to grab opportunities, here she still is. I never doubted she’d take it, and this little incident just inches her closer.

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