Good Friday, Great Fun

nailed.jpgNot much time for blogging today, as I need to get ready for the neighborhood crucifixion party later on. Every year the kids on the block stage this mock ceremony where they parade down the street behind the designated Christ stand-in, pelting him (or her — they’re fair in this regard) with fruit and screaming anti-Semitic abuse, then nailing him to a home-made cross where he hangs for an hour or so. Great fun for everybody.

They got the idea a few years ago from public school, which was implementing recommendations from the federal government as a hands-on way to explain cultural sensitivity, diversity, respect for religious commitment, etc. These are important factors in an educational experience, far more than learning to read, for example.

Anyway, I have a sour orange tree, so I provide the fruit, as well as help with setting up the bleachers.

Happy Easter, everybody!

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26 Responses to Good Friday, Great Fun

  1. Neil, a Chrstian soul says:

    This is terrible blasphemy at the holiest time of year. Please delete it. If not, you’re going to hell.

  2. Ruh Roh says:

    Look everybody! Neil spelled “Christian” wrong.

  3. Kent Standit says:

    He spelled “Kneel” wrong, too.

    Tell me something, Neil……other than the god you worship, what’s the difference in principle between you and the Taliban extremists who tear down others’ religious buildings and icons, and kill people they consider unfaithful?

  4. Superbee says:

    I just did my “Good Friday!” dance in the halls of my office. Someone asked me if I was dancing because it was Friday. I explained that I wasn’t just dancing because it was Friday, but because it was GOOD Friday, the best Friday of the entire year!

    I can’t wait for all the Shabbat Roast Beef I’m going to eat tonight. On Good Friday, Jews everywhere stuff the roast with sweet and sour meatballs, and wrap the entire beefy behemoth in Brisket slices. It’s like TurDuckEn with Beef.

    And it’s delightful.

    Wait. I also realized, today is Purim! For the Jews, today is a VERY HAPPY DAY! We hung an Iranian guy a couple thousand years ago! He wore a silly hat, for which we named some jam-filled cookies! They’re filled with Jam! Jam!

    They’re a delicious way to end a Purim-induced Beef n’ Drinkin’ Fest.

    Happy Purim, Everybody!

  5. The New Order says:

    Try sticking your head up into the prune of your ass.once you accomplish that, move it around up in there to enjoy the moment….it may give you a shitty perspective on life for a moment, but the benefits will be obvious once you pull your head out of your ass to see that there is still a great big world out there to discover. now there’s a clue for your ignorant ass…Atheist dumbass…You Can’t Spell “Fucking Stupid”

    Now you are on my top ten bloggers that I can’t spell.

  6. The New Order says:

    And for the stupid Jew… Superbee The Nazi forgot to burn you.

  7. The New Order says:

    Spell Check Asswipe…Don’t blog if you can’t spell.


  8. Superbee says:

    The New Order – I’ll venture for your consideration that insults get taken more seriously when they’re grammatically coherent.

    Furthermore, Nazis first starved us, gassed us, or shot us, THEN they burned us. So, by implying that I wasn’t burned, you seem to be skipping a step i.e. the murdering part. Jews weren’t burned alive, it was to dispose of their bodies.

    I think you probably meant to say the following – I’ll clean it up so next time when you’re insulting people, you get taken more seriously.

    And (Don’t start sentences with “And,” it’s not proper form) [F]or the stupid Jew…Superbee[,] [t]he Nazi[s] forgot to [kill then] burn you.

    You’re welcome. 🙂

  9. squathole says:

    Now you are on my top ten bloggers that I can’t spell.

    I’m not certain what this means. Does TNO actually keep a “top-10 list of bloggers that he can’t spell?” It’s easy, look: O.b.a.l. With me so far? e.s.q.u.e. If that’s too tough, cut and paste.

    Maybe you should make yourself some flash cards, too. Just a suggestion.

    Interesting how your communicating with an atheist or a Jew brings out such vile and ignorant hostility. Not particularly Christian, but then, I don’t believe that your attitude is typical, and I enjoy the company of many Christian friends. Guess I’m lucky in that regard.

    Happy Easter weekend!

  10. Paot says:

    Hmmm. The New Order refers to “the prune of your ass,” and Superbee references humantashen, the pastry often made with prunes. Harmonic conversion around dried plums. Truly a holy weekend for all.

  11. Ba-da-Boom says:

    Know why Jesus never went to college? He got hung up on the boards!

    Whoops. I’m heading for hell now, right Neil? Right New Order? Headin’ for HELL!!!!

  12. Lois Terms says:

    Nice holiday hatred from New Order. Must be a teacher. or a federal agent.

  13. Ms Calabaza says:

    Wow, is New Order for real?

    . . . must be wrapped a little too tight for this site, anyways.

    Here’s my advice NO: stay the f^ck away. That way your self-rightous{sic}, perfekt{sic} spelling ass won’t be insulted. Oh, and Happy Easter!

  14. Superbee says:

    Ewww. Paot. I don’t know anyone who eats the prune Hamentaschen. I only eat the apricot or cherry ones. The poppy seed variety are also… narst.

  15. Ms Calabaza says:

    Steve and the rest of you . . . Happy Easter folks.

  16. Neil Rogers says:

    Neil your going to hell!

  17. a simple buddhist says:

    Funniest blog comments I’ve seen in a while! Thanks for the laughs!

  18. FerfelaBat says:

    Happy Easter or whatever you’re celebrating this weekend. 🙂 Freaks.

  19. The New Order says:

    SHUT UP! kike

  20. superbee says:


    New Order, I was hoping my schooling you in “schul” would make you more careful. But clearly, you’re a Mongoloid.

    It’s [K]ike.

    Jesus. Capitalize your shit, retard.

    Happy resurrection! Enjoy celebrating the re-birth of your Lord and Savior while ignoring his teachings, and forgetting he was of my religion!

    Ooh, that burns, doesn’t it?! Forgetting that Jesus would have been branded a “kike” by you, and would have been burned by the Nazis without having been murdered first?

    Before I let that sink in, I’ll posit you this:

    Why are you up checking blogs at 1:08 a.m. anyway? I mean, I’m fuckin’ wasted right now, but that’s because I was kickin’ it at the Standard and then I bought a bottle at Buck 15 for my friend and I. (I don’t do lines… BAR LINES! HEY-OH!)

    I can’t imagine what it is like, surfing the “interweb” when everyone else your age is out living it up, and enjoying their 20s.

    I’m sure in your next comment, you’ll shed some light on what it’s like masturbating furtively on a Friday Night while reading blogs.

    I mean, on those Friday nights when I stay in, I feel embarassed, even though no one else sees me having a “hermit night.” It’d suck if I knew I other people knew I was doing it. That must be all the more depressing when people know you’re doing it, huh?

    We know.


    Let us know. Share with the group. I’m sure we’re all here to help you vent the pain you must be feeling, as one lonely racist anti-semite, in a roach-infested studio, listening to the coal trains passing by, as the greasy stench from EL REY DE LAS FRITAS drifts through the jalousie windows of your un-airconditioned apartment and settles on your 200-thread count sheets, and your Wal-Mart furniture?

    Shhh. Don’t bemoan your lot in life. Jesus saves. Right? Will he save you? Not with that potty-mouth, mister! Methinks someone has some repenting to do before Sun-dayyyy!


  21. squathole says:

    I see everybody had a productive and entertaining Good Friday afternoon and evening. Thanks for all the comments and good holiday wishes……

    ….including you, New Order, altho I have to say I’m a little jealous that your hair-tearing hatred for Jews trumps your loathing for atheists. If I convert, would you direct some of that shrimp-peckered vituperation my way as well? Please?

    Nice to hear from a Buddhist, too, this time of year. Reminds me of the only Buddhist joke I (and everyone else) knows:

    What did the Buddhist tell the hot dog vendor?
    “Make me one with everything.”

  22. The New Order says:

    you still a KIKE jew fuckface…Kill all jews

  23. The New Order says:

    You can suck my big cuban pinga jew boy

  24. squathole says:

    Give it a break, TNO. You’re only making a fool of yourself, and tarnishing the image of Cubans in this country who want nothing to do with this kind of nauseating hatred.

    On the other hand, perhaps you’re just rehearsing for an interview with Fidel. This sort of shit goes over better down in his place.

  25. squathole:

    Do not assume that “The New Order” is Cuban because he says so. This is precisely the thing that anti-Cuban moles do to tarnish our good name.

  26. Squathole says:

    Manny: Yes, the joy of anonymous blogging. For all I know he’s both Cuban AND a self-hating Jew. Or neither. As we both know, ignorance, bigotry, hatred, etc. come in all flavors, hosted by one and all. Ironically, only in this regard are we humans equal opportunity employers.

    Doesn’t matter: if he (or she) believes the crap (s)he’s written here, we know what we’re dealing with, and it’s out there for all to admire.

    Besides, shouldn’t it be “The new ODOR?”

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