Bring Out Your Dead and Run for Congress

fever.gifTurns out there’s more to this Kevorkian candidacy than originally reported.

My source is my doctor – well, not MY doctor, really: it’s the veterinarian to whom Guido and I have been taking our animals for some years. Jack Kevorkian, Jr. I asked him, when we first started going, if he was any relation to the famous Dr. K, who at the time had yet to be convicted of manslaughter and incarcerated. “Distantly,” he said, evasively. Turns out he’s the famous one’s son, and understandably cautious.

There are similarities. Our Dr. K is a bit too eager to euthanize our cats – even more than I am. We take a cat with a simple UTI to him, he checks the vitals, feels the abdomen, then says, “Well, he (or she) could go a little longer, I guess, but if you want, I’ll get him out of his misery today.” Gee, Doc, wouldn’t a dose of urigantrizene be worth a shot first? “We could try,” he says grudgingly, “but look. If it gets too grim, you just bring him back.” Usually our guys recover. He offered to put Vincent down about 7 years before Vincent finally expired. He’s been after Marra for a decade, and Marra will be 21 in September.

verystilllife.gifHe’s not a vet, he’s the terminator. About par for the course when it comes to medical care in Florida, right? So we adjust, and he’s good when you keep an eye on him.

Anyway, I ask him about his father’s latest foray, from in stir to in Congress, running as an Independent.

“Yeah,” he sighs. “Dad isn’t one to let the grass grow under his ass. He won’t win, of course, but he’ll liven things up and ruin it for somebody else.”

I see where he wants to focus on inmate rights.

“InNATE rights,” Jack Jr corrects me. “Ninth amendment. Whatever they are, just because they aren’t mentioned in the Constitution it doesn’t mean we don’t have them.”

Let me guess. Like the “right” to take one’s own life, for example?

“Duh. That’s his thing. Death with dignity, a dose from the Doc.”

He doesn’t think he’ll really get in, does he?

forheisraised.gif“Hard to say. He can be stubborn and delusional, have you noticed? When he first brought it up, I told him to call Ralph Nader and offer to stand in as Nader’s VP. Perfect, don’t you think? Two candidates with their own suicide agendas. But he didn’t bite. He actually called Nader a kook.”

Well, he would know. I collect my still-breathing cat and beat it.

Meanwhile, if the art depicted here intrigues you, other works by Dr. Jack Kevorkian (Sr.) are also available here. And read about his idea to showcase an exhibition of art work by Adolph Hitler, too. Enlightening.

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4 Responses to Bring Out Your Dead and Run for Congress

  1. Rollo Nickels says:

    I call BULLSHIT! There’s no Jack Junior. Anything Kevorkian spawned he would have eaten alive. And probably did. Bullshit! BULLSHIT!!

  2. Great art work. Brilliant stuff. It speaks to me, truly, truly.

  3. Ms Calabaza says:

    Hey squathole,
    didn’t Kevorkian Sr, have a terminal illness and wasn’t that one (main) reason he was released from prison early? Anyways, I agree with Aileen, beautiful hopeful art work. . . the old man has talent.

  4. Squathole says:

    Ms. C:
    From yesterday’s article: Kevorkian tried to get out of prison early because of health problems, including hepatitis C, high blood pressure and hardening of the arteries.

    But the request was denied, he served his full sentence and was released on parole in June. He is to remain on parole until June 2009. He said Monday that he has recovered from the illnesses he had in prison.

    A miracle! Physician, heal thyself!

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