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Iron City Beauty Queen

Use your imagination. Can you hear “There she goes, Miss America” playing in the background as you read this? A former homecoming queen is facing a slew of charges Thursday, accused of attacking her sister with a prosthetic leg and … Continue reading

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Bloodhound’s Wet Dream

Cherchez the meat. Gloucester, MA – A prosciutto-wielding meat thief met his match when a restaurant owner fought off the assault by slamming the thief’s face with a ham. Joe Scola of Scola’s Place heard a noise in his restaurant … Continue reading

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Hot Buttered Danish

In the wake of some rather unpleasant (but amusing) bigotry expressed in the comments section last week, perhaps it’s the moment to revisit some familiar recent history, and get an update. (All quotes below from the NY Times). Last month … Continue reading

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Easter Holiday Health Advisory

Here’s some timely advice I thought I’d share…… Crucifixion not good for your health [H]ealth officials have warned people taking part in Easter crucifixions and self-flagellation rituals to get a tetanus shot first and sterilise the nails to avoid infections. … Continue reading

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Good Friday, Great Fun

Not much time for blogging today, as I need to get ready for the neighborhood crucifixion party later on. Every year the kids on the block stage this mock ceremony where they parade down the street behind the designated Christ … Continue reading

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This Just…..In

Woman Goes for Leg Operation, Gets New Anus Instead …………………Fox news (Wind) breaking news, I guess.  

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We Don’t Need No Educayshon

Always nice to see the sunny side of labor relations in this country, especially when kids, schools, and education are concerned. I spotted this ad in Tuesday’s New York Times. Visiting the website, readers may select a state where a … Continue reading

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Blow Up The Candles

Guess who’s 5 years old today? That’s right — the War in Iraq! Aaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwww. I catch up with the little fellow early in the day. His special day. “I’m so happy,” he chirps. “Five whole years! And in just 45 … Continue reading

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Politics and Parlor Tricks

“Ironic, ain’t t it, that what finally torpedoes Obama isn’t the bullshit about him being a closet Muslim, but the whipped-up horror over his loudmouth Christian pastor?” — Don Tequila, bartender/bouncer/best customer at Liquor & Rubber Balls Lesbian Sports Emporium

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Blind Man’s Buff

I’ll have to speak to Guido about this. We seem to have missed a memo. Or am I speaking for just myself here? Albany, NY — Less than 24 hours after he was sworn in to replace a governor who … Continue reading

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