Eins, Zwei, Drei….

Consider the case of Max Mosley, president of Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) based in Paris. As head of the international governing body of motor sports, he has presided over the expansion of Formula One racing into one of the world’s richest sports.

And all he did – allegedly — to sully his sterling reputation was engage in a sadomasochistic orgy with a Nazi theme, complete with German accent, prisoners, some minor butt-whipping, and a friendly cuppa tea afterwards with the hired help.

The News of the World, described it as “a depraved Nazi sadomasochistic orgy,” and said Mr. Mosley had paid the equivalent of $5,000 in cash for the five-hour session.

In a video the paper posted on the Internet but later removed, two of the women wore black-and-white striped robes in the style of prisoners’ uniforms. The video showed Mr. Mosley counting in German – “Eins! Zwei! Drei! Vier! Funf!” – as he used a leather strap to lash one of the women. “She needs more of ze punishment!” he cried in German-accented English. One woman appeared to search his hair for lice while another called off items on an inspection list. Mr. Mosley, naked, was bound face-down and lashed more than 20 times. -NY Times

Oh, it gets even better.

Mr. Mosley, 67, is the younger son of Britain’s 1930s fascist leader, Sir Oswald Mosley, and the society beauty Diana Mitford, whose secret wedding in Berlin in October 1936 was held at the home of the Nazi propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels and included Hitler as a guest of honor.

Honoring family tradition. Cultural senitivity. Dear old dad would be proud.

Caught on film, Mr. Mosley neither denies his participation, nor, in a departure from his American counterparts, does he claim the devil, narcotics, alcohol, or a vast right-wing conspiracy made him do it. He does deny that there were Nazi themes in play. “It was more Alcatraz than Auschwitz,” Mosley associates stated.

Well, it’s alright, then, isn’t it? Besides, we’re talking about auto racing here. What, there are moral standards to uphold? You need hagiographic credentials to manage international car racing?

But it turns out that Mosley is no stranger to controversy, including an incident last year involving spying. That drew criticism from Jackie Stewart, a three-time world champion in the 1970s.

Mr. Stewart, a childhood dyslexic whose criticism of Mr. Mosley’s role in the spying scandal last year caused the F.I.A. chief to mock him as a “certified half wit,” told a television interviewer in Bahrain that allowing Mr. Mosley to stay in his post would be an affront to the multicultural nature of Formula One: “He’s president of a global federation that serves many religions, cultures and sensitivities,” he said. “And Formula One goes to many of these parts of the world.”

He called a dyslexic a “certified half-wit.” I see a great career for Mosley in blogging. Right here, in fact.

BMW and Mercedes-Benz have expressed moral/corporate outrage (that sounds a trifle oxymoronic to me). In a joint statement, the two auto manufacturers state, “We strongly distance ourselves from it,” and said they would await appropriate action by the federation’s governing body.

Mr. Mosley, undaunted, tried to turn the tables on BMW and Daimler Benz, which manufactures Mercedes-Benz cars, with a statement that raised the specter of the two companies’ own role during the Nazi era. In addition to building engines for German fighters, bombers and tanks, they were accused of using slave labor in some of their plants, and, in Daimler Benz’s case, providing Hitler and the German high command with staff cars.

Touché! In fact, coup fourre! Go ahead and just TRY to out-Nazi this purebred practitioner!

He can’t win, naturally. When the money goes against you, the game is over. Besides, there’s nothing less politically correct than even the taint of sympathizing with anything Nazi-esque. Toss sex in the mix and you’re dead meat. Pardon the pun.

Which is too bad, in a way. He paid his cash, he had his fun, he had a cuppa tea, then home he run. Who is harmed by this? What’s wrong with a little kinky fun? Besides, this is auto racing, not the Shriners Children’s Health Foundation.

Feel free to Google for the (disappointingly) erotic video. I found one here, but it may be gone by the time you see this.

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6 Responses to Eins, Zwei, Drei….

  1. Ms Calabaza says:

    Hmmmm . . . does anyone know how to say Holy Sh^t!! in German?

  2. Ted End says:

    Ms Calabaza: I think that’s what ‘gezundheit” means.

  3. "Esq" a lawyer says:

    There’s a whole nest of questions here. Who shot that video? Did somebody set him up? Why? Was he blackmailed? Is there anything on film that could be construed as unambiguously illegal?

    Whose business is it that he indulged his fantasies like this? What impact does it have on his capacity to conduct his professional responsibilities?

    What troubles me most is that the Nazi motif seems to be the real sticking point. Had the fantasy been doctors and nurses, or teachers and students, etc., I suspect this ruckus wouldn’t have erupted so badly. As if to say, It’s okay to be kinky, just not kinky like that.

  4. Kent Standit says:

    What a loser. He shells out $5 Grand for a little-hanky-spanky. And a cup of tea! Look at the hot broad and treatment Eliot Spitzer got for the same money. Once again, the Germans lose to the Jews.

  5. Mark Skid says:

    Yeah I see where the auto racing crowd would want nothing but the finest, most morally upstanding figures involved with the sport….as much is in evidence every time you see a race, like at Daytona, for example.

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