….and Speaking of Birds, Please Pass the Fowl Balls

SIOUX FALLS, SD – The Sioux Falls Canaries and Dakota Provisions are teaming up to this summer to bring Fowl Balls to concession stands at the Birdcage. The venture makes Sioux Falls Stadium the first sports venue in the country to offer their fans a chance to enjoy turkey testicles.

At Dakota Provisions we harvest and process 18,000 Tom Turkeys each day for several different uses, but this might be the most fun,” said Rebecca Steele, Director of Sales & Marketing at Dakota Provisions. “Being able to sell Fowl Balls at a sports venue like Sioux Falls Stadium will highlight the versatility of turkeys; one of the most resourceful proteins in all of nature.”

“The Fowl Balls will make a perfect compliment to a cold beer at the Birdcage,” said Canaries Director of Food & Beverage Bill Sedelmeier. “Fans will be able to choose from dipping sauces including ranch, barbeque, and bleu cheese, to put the finishing touch on their order of Fowl Balls.”

Turkey testicles are enjoyed as an appetizer in bars throughout the United States. The food item is considered a delicacy in China and Japan. — OurSportsCentral.com

Almost as good as Rocky Mountain Oysters. And Truck Nutz.

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12 Responses to ….and Speaking of Birds, Please Pass the Fowl Balls

  1. Lorena Bobbit says:

    Nobody told me they’re edible.

  2. Germs says:

    Oooooh! I LOVE these!

  3. Lu Senz says:

    New meaning to the words “Ball Park.”

    You’ll find these things all over the heartland, wherever there are poultry or meat farms. I’ve had ’em after I’ve had half a dozen cold beers on a blistering hot day. They’re chewy.

  4. Kay Ponn says:

    I love these breaded & deep fried. Do any of your readers have any other recipes. I’m always looking for new & interesting dishes to try.

  5. Ray Ed Gneck says:

    When I’m hungry for stadium food, I want Hot Buttered Cheerleader. They’re not just for breakfast anymore.

  6. Florida Legislature, 4/22/08 says:

    It’s okay to eat those things, just make sure you don’t hang them off the back of your truck. Not in this state you don’t.

  7. You May Call Me Pierre says:

    Bleu cheese on a turkey scrotum. With beer. I can’t wait for my next trip to the midwest. You Americans, with your gross affection for fried slop are nothing shirt of savages.

  8. Ms Calabaza says:

    just add butter and cream and mon dieu!

  9. Ms Calabaza says:

    Why is it everything is a delicacy in China?

    Meow Mix

  10. Frugal Gourmet says:

    Needless to say I approve of using every part of the turkey. Don’t forget to save the cox-comb, the wattle & the feet. They make a tasty stock when added to the pot. Although the feathers aren’t edible you could use them to stuff a pillow. You don’t get more frugal than that. And for a tasty cajun dish just saute the “fowl balls” in a little oil & butter with onion, garlic, peppers, celery, some cajun spice; serve over rice….delish!

  11. squathole says:

    Pierre: welcome back. It’s been months. When you visit again, please bring some of those snails you find so delectable.

    Frugal: Under the circumstances, mentioning the “coxcomb” probably needs further explanation.

    Lu Senz: own up to the truth: when you gobbled up those turkey balls, the turkey was still gobbling, too.

    Meanwhile, the Florida Lege declared truck nutz a ticket-worthy offense. Really. Guess they don’t read this blog or the comments.

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