Our House

This makes the Diary of Anne Frank read like a fairy tale.

Amstetten, Austria – The children locked in the basement never saw the light of day for years. A retired electrician has confessed to imprisoning his daughter for 24 years and fathering seven children with her in a windowless cell sealed by an electronic keyless-entry system, police said Monday.

One of the children died in infancy and was tossed into the furnace of what stunned Austrians have labeled a “house of horrors,” officials said. The suspect owned the gray stone apartment building, lived there with his family, and rented the other units to relatives.

Investigators said they were trying to determine how the victims could have been hidden away for so long from other families in the building and everyone else in the town of 23,000 people. [The suspect] managed to deceive everyone, including his wife, who apparently was unaware of the existence of the children in the cellar. —Yahoo.com

Nice quiet neighborhood. No doubt the suspect kept his yard swept and his lawn neatly trimmed. Excellent German craftsmanship ensured no need for a plumber, electrician, or pest control agent to come out and have a look in the basement. Frau Suspect never questioned the grocery bill, or wondered why he disappeared into the cellar for hours on end, emerging and smelling of strange pussy. The kids never needed a dentist (or sunscreen). And his incestuous concubine, the imprisoned daughter, never so much banged on the ceiling for help.

Well, at least he left the dog alone.

Great God on His Heavenly Porcelain Throne, this story stinks.

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9 Responses to Our House

  1. Sgt Shultz says:

    I saw nothing……..

  2. Helen Keller says:

    Me. too Sarge.

    This is amazing. Seven kids born and no one heard a baby crying in all that time? What was he going to do with all the kids as they grew older — have sex with them, too?

    And they never tried to escape. Talk about obedient.

  3. Kent Standit says:

    Hard to imagine the rest of the family living in the house wasn’t in on this with him. Including Frau.

    Whew. Family values.

  4. B.F. Skinner says:

    Except for the incest, I don’t see a genuine problem here. It’s a perfectly rational controlled experiment in human behavior, with variables reduced and outcomes easily evaluated.

    If I had to guess, I suspect he was attempting to breed a new strain of superior human beings. Germans have these tendencies, you know.

  5. The Dog in the Photo says:

    This story makes me very sad.

  6. Camiel Toe says:

    “…in a windowless cell sealed by an electronic keyless-entry system…”

    Wow, what a romantic love nest. Be still my heart.

  7. tito says:

    I saw some pictures that were posted of the basement… the ceiling was very low due to the extra sound-proofing he had installed. It must have taken quite some time to install! I wonder if he is available as a sub-contractor?

  8. Ms Calabaza says:

    lil’ crib of horrors . . .

  9. Barbara Ganousch says:

    tito: turns out he’s an electrician and an engineer. however it’s doubtful he’ll be available any time soon to help you out. maybe, though, if you’re decorating a doll house, he can offer some suggestions.

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