Anniversary (of a sort)

Yesterday’s post about the NJ Hall of Fame was the 100th on this blog.

That’s too many in too short a time, especially because after closing down the other blog, I vowed to cut back if I ever did this again. Problem is, I’m having too much damn fun and I have a compulsive personality.

Furthermore, either this hit-counting system works differently than the other, or the traffic on this one is a fraction of the other when I closed it. Or both. I do know, from scanning the blogs, that Obalesque isn’t on nearly as many blogrolls are my first blog, including some that are linked here: that may contribute to its relatively unpopularity. Or maybe it’s just lame(r). Hard to tell from here, locked in this room.

Obalesque also seems to draw fewer comments, and generate less controversy, let alone overt hostility, which I sorely miss.

Anyway, I’ll press on for a while, posting about twice a day until the end of the month at which point some more stock-taking will occur. Meanwhile, as always, I value your thoughts.

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13 Responses to Anniversary (of a sort)

  1. Roger Rabbit says:

    Whoa! Who’s the redhead in the cake?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Huh? You still here? *yawn*

  3. Lu Senz says:

    Aaah, quit sulking and keep posting. You have all the material you can handle just recounting what goes on any night at LRB’s.

  4. Tanya Hyde says:

    Kill the blog and get out in the sun. Reason I don’t comment any more is because I don’t want to encourage this. You need more Vitamin D, white man. You like looking like Casper’s ass?

  5. Ms Calabaza says:

    People hate change. . . some haven’t removed your former blog from their blogrolls. Don’t leave!

  6. Mister E says:

    Only thing I’d like to see is more commentary on local stuff. You’re all over the map. I’m a moron who lives in south Florida, so I don’t care about anything else. Where’s England, anyway?

  7. Scott says:

    Happy anniversary. Don’t take stock. Taking stock is for wieners.

  8. gwizzz says:

    Chill out, SH. You have a young blog that hasn’t really made a footprint with Google like the other one [wasn’t that one a Blogger blog?].

    You’re “having too much damn fun” and you’re mulling over whether to continue? What’s up with that?

    Here’s a suggestion: do it for you. If it isn’t fun any more then do what you need to do. But if it’s just a case of the stats not being where the other one was (after a couple years , no less), soldier on and the stats will follow. But, and trust me on this one, big stats don’t always translate into happy blogging.


  9. There may be several factors contributing to your low numbers; a lot of people don’t realize that this blog picked up from where your other one left off. That sort of works with the reasons you gave for abandoning the other blog, but it means you’re starting out closer to square one than you might have realized.

    But primarily it’s because your new pen-name really, really sucks. “Squathole” blows serious chunks. Seriously, what were you thinking?

  10. I just added this blog to my Magic City Mania blog because that blog is still a work in progress.

    But I wasn’t sure whether to list you as Squathole or Obalesque. I used the former on PINAC, but the latter on MCM.

    But I hear what you’re saying about the numbers. MCM doesn’t get near the traffic that PINAC gets, even though Rick has done a good job of exposing it on his blog.

    I get many more hits from SFDB when he posts something about PINAC than I do when he posts something about MCM.

    So what I’m learning is that people follow the blog, not the blogger.

    And each blog has to pay its dues in the beginning.

    The other thing is, at least with PINAC, I get a lot of daily hits from people stumbling upon posts I’ve posted months ago.

    So the more archives build up, the more chance people will stumble upon them through google.

    Take Ricks new blog, for example. He has consistently updates every morning and evening, yet he is getting nowhere near the comments that he would get on SOTP.

    Somebody on this thread mentioned how you don’t necessarily focus on South Florida, but everywhere else as well.

    On PINAC, I discovered that I developed two audiences because I also tend to write about things happening to photographers around the country. And although those stories generate interest from all over, they are barely read from my local readers.

    And it becomes the other way around when I blog about something local.

    Most of the successful blogs down here tend to focus on certain niches of South Florida crowds.

    This is one reason why I launched MCM. I wanted to have something strictly local.

  11. squathole says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen (you know who you are):

    Thanks for these comments. Look, I’m sticking around and I didn’t mean to sound like I was whining, altho today, re-reading the post, I see where it could have been taken that way. Sorry.

    Ms C: Always good to hear from you all the time– you’re as regular as castor oil!

    Scott: If I were in as close contact to the fabulous women you are, I’d either be ecstatic or suicidal. Hmm. Like yourself, I suspect. Best regards to Kelsey.

    Rick: You’re exactly, 100% right. It’s terrific knowing you’re out there.

    CLJ: Another good point, and what’s amazing is, the other name I considered was “Chunks.” I decided against “Clots.”

    Carlos: That’s interesting, and I see the same thing, to some extent: when I blog about something obscure, like the French or baseball or the British, I get a different set of commenters. Some things are of no interest to the same people who can’t enough of truck nutz and weird news.

    It amazed me that there was such little interest (here, anyway) in the posts about the way the vets were killing themselves and getting screwed by the government. But that’s the market: what is so vital to me or anybody else might have no currency with anybody else.

    Ultimately I do this for me and to share a horse-laugh with everybody else. That’s Rick’s point, and he’s right.

    So off we go.

    Thanks again.

    PS Tanya: I got great color this weekend. See you soon.

  12. Incertus says:

    Well, I just discovered that we were linked here, so I’ve returned the favor. 🙂 Looking forward to checking in on the place.

  13. ya'gotta'guessit says:

    Yes, “squathole” is not your best work.

    I suggest “baboon”!

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