Jet Loo

This story has been sitting around (bad expression) for a week or so, but I didn’t see anybody else down here pick it up, so here goes….

A Manhattan man is feeling flush with anger after he says he was forced to sit in the bathroom for three hours on a cross-country JetBlue flight.

Gokhan Mutlu says the bizarre incident happened Feb. 23, when he was a standby passenger for a flight from SD to NY. He was told the flight was full because a flight attendant was taking the last available seat, but was then told she would sit in the “jump seat” and he could have her seat, 2E, the suit says.

[A]bout 90 minutes into the flight the pilot called him “towards the front of the plane, towards the cockpit, and advised the plaintiff that he would have to give his seat up” to the flight attendant, the suit says. The pilot told him the “flight attendant wanted to be more comfortable and that the ‘jump seat’ was not comfortable for her.”

The pilot said Mutlu should just “go and ‘hang out’ in the bathroom,” the suit says. When Mutlu began to argue, the pilot “became angry at the plaintiff’s reluctance… and took a much harsher tone with the plaintiff, advising him that he was the pilot, that this was his plane, under his command, and that the plaintiff should be grateful for being onboard,” the suit says.

Mutlu says he was “imprisoned” in the bathroom for hours, which “seemed like an eternity.” He was ordered back to his seat when the plane ran into heavy turbulence, the suit says. — NYPost

JetBlue’s people aren’t talking on the record, but I know some customer service folks — let’s call them “Bruce” and “Knuckles” — who are willing to crack wise anonymously.

“The hell’s his complaint?” asks Bruce. “First of all, the entire airplane is a toilet. Second, he got off easy. It’s the captain’s call. He’s god. He could have turned the plane around or ejected his ass. Or ordered a dozen lashes.”

What — for not wanting to cram into a lavatory for 4 hours?

“Oh, horseshit,” says Knuckles. “If he wasn’t such a whiner, the attendant would have handed him a sixpack of his choice and a bunch of peanuts and he’d have locked the door behind him. Sonofabitch smelled lawsuit and went for it.”

You don’t see anything outrageous about making a customer squat in a toilet so the flight attendant can take his seat instead of the jumper seat she’s supposed to use?

Bruce rolls his eyes and bats his lashes “Check your watch, Quasimodo. It’s 2008. ‘Passenger comfort’ goes back to when Eastern was busting its unions and serving meals. It’s soooo 90’s ago. Passenger get to do what they’re told or get out and walk.”

“If I’m captain, I have Homeland Security waiting at the gate with cuffs and a hood for this suspected terrorist, and hand him over for a night flight to Gitmo,” chimes in Knuckles (who happens to be a petite blue-eyed blonde). “Lawsuit? Ha! Only thing he’d be filing is the bars on his cage.”

Are you two typical of airline personnel these days?

Bruce giggles. “Hardly. We’re the nice guys. That’s why we’re Customer Service.”

“Thanks for flying Jet Blue!” adds Knuckles.

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4 Responses to Jet Loo

  1. Sen Larry Craig says:

    Nobody wants to be jammed into a lavatory for any length of time. Not alone, anyway.

  2. Aint Sayin says:

    What kind of name is Gokhan Mutlu? No wonder they thought he was a terrorist. I’m surprised he knew whay a lavatory was.

  3. Ms Calabaza says:

    Better the toilet than with a big fat dude with body odor next to me. . . I just lived throught that one. Besides, being with other people is not what it’s “cracked” up to be . . .

  4. FerfelaBat says:

    Jet Blue just sounds like a lavatory – blue water – jets – expectations SHOULD be low when flying with them. They put the dis in discount travel.

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