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Looks Good, Smells Like Ass

Guys! Here’s how you can save some sweat and gym time with a single application of this ordinary over-the-counter product! New York bouncer, blogger and author Rob Fitzgerald has noticed a trend among many of the macho young men waiting … Continue reading

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I Saw You

Here’s a photo of the Democratic nominee-designate, caught giving a Nazi salute to terrorist supporters standing in front of an Islamofascist mosque. Thanks to the Clinton campaign for providing both photo and editorial research. Oh, but she endorses him anyway. … Continue reading

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Stuck in Park

First of all, thanks for the amazing response to Tuesday’s posts, especially the one about Secretariat Jessica Parker. I found that website nothing short of astonishing (as well as accurate). Haven’t seen anything quite like that since the kitler post, … Continue reading

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Update: Stuck in Park

Got this response from Nick to my irritated reply to Anthony: Hi, If you click on the Comments tab in the dashboard, you’ll see all of the comments. The name of the comment author will be linked. Click that link … Continue reading

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