Update: Stuck in Park

Got this response from Nick to my irritated reply to Anthony:

If you click on the Comments tab in the dashboard, you’ll see all of the comments. The name of the comment author will be linked. Click that link and you’ll be able to edit the corresponding comment.
— Nick

I tried that, and it worked. Really quite simple, and I daresay that 99.99% of WordPress users would have figured that out for themselves in seconds. (I gave up after failing for 30 minutes). So I I responded with:

Nick: Thank you. That worked.
Contrast your useful suggestion and practical instructions with the previous response, and you’ll see the distinction between genuine assistance and mere verbiage.
Thanks again

Really, do I ask for too much? Don’t tell me things like, “You can’t miss it,” because I can, and I will. Don’t tell me about divs and memes and whatever the fork del.ici.ous is supposed to be unless you’re ready to explain what they are. I wouldn’t blithely kiss off your questions by likening the problem to the existence of synthetic a priori propositions and assuming you knew what that meant. Communicate, for chrissake. Isn’t that what teh internets are for?

Well, that and porn.

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