End Around

In what turns out to be his second gigantic flip-flop in as many weeks, Florida Governor Charlie Crist told an interviewer that yes, he’s in fact gay.

Preparing for his annual climate-change summit meeting in Miami on Wednesday, Crist noted that as a prominent politician poised at a crucial moment of the nation’s history, he had re-evaluated numerous factors in his professional and personal life, including last week’s reversal on Gulf drilling. “This is drilling in a different sense, I suppose,” he joked.

As usual, he would neither affirm nor deny that his change of positions (pun intended) reflects his interest in joining John McCain on this year’s Repub-oil-can ticket. “It’s true that Sen. McCain needs Florida,” he agreed. “And there is speculation that my presence on the ticket would help. But this has nothing to do with politics.”

The casual announcement came during a period of Crist-intensive media coverage. In addition to last week’s turnabout on coastal drilling, Sunday’s NY Times Magazine contained a very pleasant interview with him, and on Wednesday, once again he’ll be front and center at the Miami summit.

The chattering classes are all over it, several calling his statement a back-door (!) approach to self-elimination as a candidate without making McCain ask him first. “No way some red meat Pub already on the rocks with the conservative wing of his party puts some pooftser on his ticket,” declared Brisbane Afflatus on Fox News BBC. “How will they credibly play the race card to their redneck base with a Sodomite by their side?”

Others aren’t as sure. “It’s similar to the move St. Reagan made the first time, when he was challenging Ford for the nomination,” reminisced Muffy von Llabia, of the American Enterprise Institution. “To calm down voters who thought he was just another nutcase California extremist, he named Richard Schweiker as running mate — a liberal Pennsylvania Republican. (They’re extinct now, of course.) This move is brilliant — it captures Florida, and it shows McCain is the REAL agent of change, not Obambi.”

Keep an eye peeled for the governor’s upcoming trip to California. Rumor has it he’s planning to elope.

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5 Responses to End Around

  1. Rollo Nickels says:

    OMG I call BULLSHIT! BULL! SHIT!! No WAY Charlie Crist EVER elopes to California to get married, EVER. He heads for Boston, where there’s lots of other Greeks like him, and where he’ll have the best tan in town. Bullshit! BULLSHIT!!

  2. Tanya Hyde says:

    Gay, straight, bi, who cares? Great tan. That’s all that matters.

  3. Piles says:

    …and today he comes out with details of a sweet, sweet deal with Big Sugar. I’m getting the picture.

  4. Beardsley` says:


  5. Ms Calabaza says:

    kinda cute.

    larry craig

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