Say Aaaargh

A trip to the dentist! It’s everybody’s favorite thing, right? This should brighten your day:

A Central Florida woman is filing a civil lawsuit against a dentist accused of dropping a screwdriver and another medical tool down her father’s throat that she claims led to his death.

In October of 2006, Anne Greer took her father, Charles Gaal, 90, to dentist Dr. Wesley Meyers in Winter Park for implants to secure his dentures. During the procedure, Greer said Meyers dropped a medical screwdriver down her father’s throat. She said it took a colonoscopy to have the screwdriver removed from his large intestine.

Then, in May of 2007, despite his daughter’s concerns, Gaal returned to Wesley for implants and a different tool was accidentally dropped down Gaal’s throat…. a torque wrench , Greer said. The 90-year-old was hospitalized for 50 days and died from complications last June, according to

Not once, but twice.  Good thing he’s not a gynecologist.

Doc Myers needs to buy some stick-um or something. And what a great racket it is working on seniors: Medicare pays for everything. I also dig the colonosocopy maneuver — a case of the dentist getting another asshole doctor in on his action.

No word on whether the the dentist is still using that excavated tool, incidentally.

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5 Responses to Say Aaaargh

  1. Old Timer says:

    Doesn’t pay to get old.
    Wonder if the dentist charged him for the tool.

  2. that reminds me... says:

    My brother had something similar happen when he took his jeep in to get its fuel pump adjusted. The mechanic got a little impatient with his hanging around and criticizing everything, so he shoved a monkey wrench down his throat. Didn’t swallow it, though.

  3. Devil's Advocate says:

    Do you think this could have been a cleverly devised & executed plan for the daughter to murder dear old dad? And then, when it turns out the estate wasn’t as large as she expected, she figures go after the DDS & get some cash from him. Or maybe just sue the Doc to throw off any suspicion.

  4. Perry Noid says:

    Wow! Devil’s Advocate read my mind!!!!!

  5. The torque wrench and the screwdriver says:

    This whole episode hasn’t exactly been a picnic for us, either, you know.

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