The Name Hussein Stays Mainly Out of Range

Latest gambit for certain folks of a progressive bent is to adopt the name “Hussein” as a way of demystifying it, theoretically blunting the force of flung wingnuts at their favorite candidate.

Thomas Hussein Jefferson. I dunno. How about, Albert Hussein Gore? Michael Hussein Moore? More believable. Mohamed Hussein Ali? There we go.

Squat Hussein Hole. Nope. Sorry. Not gonna do it. Just not my style (and everybody’s glad).

But even if I did, I would spell it “Who’s Sane.” You know, Aladdin Sane’s brother.

Paranoids and assorted conspiracy theorists among us view Obama’s candidacy as the creeping Islamification of the western world. They say he’s a Trojan horse, the Manchurian Candidate, a chimera that ain’t what he seems sent to worm his way into power, which he’ll then use to destroy the American Effin Way. When they catch wind of this Hussein-o-rama by the nation’s young, they’ll likely go postal.

Wow. I can see the campaign buttons: “Hussein We Can Believe In.” Make the Saddam-ites posthumously proud of their hanged hero.

Anybody for adopting the name “Rodham?” Any Rodhamites among us?

See? It can always get worse.

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6 Responses to The Name Hussein Stays Mainly Out of Range

  1. Nobody says:

    What a great publicity stunt! This makes perfect sense to us!

  2. Anonymous says:

    “Rodhamites.” That’s precious.

  3. Bill O'Reilly says:

    Barack Who’s Sane Obama sure looks strange in THAT photo. What is he, some sort of Muslim or something?

  4. Charlie Hussein Crist says:

    Niiiiiice photo. I LOVE Bowie. No, I’m not gay.

  5. Ms Calabaza says:

    rush hussein limbaugh
    sean rodham hannity
    lou hussein dobbs . . . i like this!

  6. Jesus Hussein Christ says:

    Let’s cut to the chase, here.
    (No, I’m not related to Charlie.)

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