Barack Who’s Sane Obama

Think this 100% guaranteed genuine photo will cause any controversy?

I mean, How can the American people elect somebody who wears sandals in the Oval Office?

It’s the end of the world, I tellya.

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15 Responses to Barack Who’s Sane Obama

  1. Piles says:

    What the hell? I thought they were Black.

  2. Red White & Blue says:

    Both Obama’s and McCain’s campaigns called this “tasteless and disgusting.” It’s unfunny at best, and the flag burning in the fireplace makes me sick.

    You, I assume, think it’s harmless satire.

  3. Dawgbowl says:

    It’s not a flag burning in a fireplace, RW&B, it’s a drawing of a flag burning in a fireplace. Can you grasp the difference?

    Meanwhile, please observe that Obama is on the right. His tilt toward the mainstream is working!

  4. Perry Noid says:

    I bet no less than 20% of the American public sees that picture and believes it proves that Obama is a dangerous Muslim terrorist.

  5. Jesus Hussein Christ says:

    And what pray tell is wrong with wearing sandals?

  6. Ms Calabaza says:

    Give me a break. Are we so politically correct that we can’t grasp irony anymore? It may not be funny or that good a toon, but let’s not get Perry Noid . . . for Gawd’s sake!

  7. One Man's Opinion says:

    Not having read the magazine [article] I can’t imagine what it could say that would explain or excuse this caricature. Personally I find it in very poor taste. What was the NYer thinking? Probably just trying to sell magazines. And just as probably it will work. I know I’m intrigued enough to go to B&N or Border’s to read the article while I have a talll latte.

  8. Lazlo Toth says:

    I think it’s funny, in a Mad Magazine kind of way. Poor taste? Sure. Love it? Politically incorrect? Absolutely. Love it. Both campaigns fell over each other trying to be the first to condemn it? Hey, had to. That’s the nature of the biz, bro.

    Are there people out there who will seize on it and say I Knew It! It’s True!!? Yup. Remember, 60% of the American people thought Saddam Hussein was the guy behind the 911 attacks.

    Great stuff.

  9. Danish Cartoons Depitcting Mohammed says:

    Well, we love it.

  10. Squathole says:

    Here’s as good a summation of the different sides as any, altho Lazlo anticipated a lot of them.

  11. Republican Believers says:

    What are you saying — that Hussein WASN’T behind 911? That he had nothing to do with it? You nutless liberals have your heads so far up your asses you can see out your dick holes.

  12. Ms Calabaza says:

    You sure there’s a controversy about this? I haven’t heard a thing . . .

  13. ya'gotta'guessit says:

    That percentage of people who believe Obama to be Muslim don’t read the New Yorker, a magazine that ceased to be clever long ago, but still attempts to trade on its former reputation.

    As a subscriber, I can attest that it’s regularly filled with the most biased & vile, but poorly-written politicized thought this side of Frank Rich, or Pravda in it’s prime…if it weren’t for the occasional TC Boyle short story, the magazine would be beyond redemption, and it’s ignored by most for very good reason.

    And except for Roz Chast, even the cartoons blow.

    That said, won’t this absurd cover (ironic, as pointed out by Ms Calabaza) serve the purpose of making *legitimate* criticism of poor, set-upon Obama even more unlikely?

  14. Frank of Oregon says:

    While it’s true that most NYer readers aren’t ignorant enough to swallow the wingnut Obama-is-a-Muslim line, the cartoon itself will be viewed by many more people than that. Already has.

    But I wouldn’t worry (or celebrate) that this cartoon will have any impact on criticizing the candidate. Wait a couple days and it will be like this never happened. At best, it will make a funny footnote in tomorrow’s history textbooks

  15. Lois Terms says:

    The cartoon is brilliant. By caricaturing the Obamas, it mocks ignorant people, not the Obamas.

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