Winner: Ironman Competition

Luis Zarate was taken to the regional hospital of Trujillo [Peru] earlier this week by his family after complaining of sharp stomach pains. Doctors took X-rays of his chest that showed his insides littered with screws.

“There were 17 strange objects found at the level of his stomach and colon,” said Dr. Julio Acevedo, one of the surgeons who operated on Zarate.

The black-and-white scans showed Zarate’s skeleton interlaced with things like bolts, barbed-wire and pens. “The objects had caused the stomach to expand,” said Acevedo.

Doctors said Zarate was mentally ill but it was not clear why he ate the metal. —

Iron deficiency perhaps? Or maybe he was just hungry. Next patient, please.

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2 Responses to Winner: Ironman Competition

  1. Frank of Oregon says:

    That’s what he successfully swallowed. I wonder what he TRIED to swallow but couldn’t?

  2. Ms Calabaza says:

    guy sounds a little screwy.

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