Fiction and Crucifixion at the Olympics

If you’re anything like me — and you can’t be, or instead of reading this opinionated drivel you’d be on a lesbian strap-on and domination site — you find the Olympics a nauseating and corrupt freak show of international proportions.

The Olympics have little to do with athletic competition: the real games lie behind the scenes. There are two primary sports. One is a competition of unholy alliances between governments and underwriting entities like agricultural interests, pharmaceutical companies, and other advertisers who sponsor this flesh-fest, and the other is the white-jacketed lab freaks who labor for years to concoct the perfect blend of performance-enhancing and detection-proof drugs. It’s them against the enforcers, another gaggle of eminently corruptible mutants.

So I was amazed to encounter yet another sickening aspect of the Games: the introduction of Christian evangelical fervor!

During the Olympics, [head archery coach Kisik] Lee and at least three of the five United States archers who qualified to compete in Beijing met every morning to sing hymns and read from the Bible, and to attend church together in the chapel at the Olympic Village. Lee believes having a strong faith makes for better archers because it helps quiet their minds. To that end, he tailored Ellison’s Olympic schedule to include spiritual and athletic objectives.

“I give him six tasks a day, including reading the Bible and education,” Lee said. “And he’s doing it…..I just want to show them who I am,” he said. “I’m the witness of Jesus, not just an instructor. So I have to encourage them how, how we can change in Christ.” NY Times

Not hard to figure this game. These poor young athletes, desperate to win the favor of their coach who has almost life and death power over their careers, are pressured subtly or otherwise to embrace his faith as their own.

Richard Lapchick, director of the University of Central Florida’s Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport, said Lee’s actions crossed ethical boundaries. “An athlete has a hard time resisting a coach,” he said. “There’s always a fear that you won’t get picked. You won’t have much support if a coach doesn’t like you.”

Yeah, but that’s only tragic if you actually entertain delusions such as (a) most athletes are capable of rational thought — an belief easily disabused by spending 10 minutes listening to sports talk radio or reading the sports section of your paper — and (b) athletes deserve any more consideration than a laboratory fruit fly. They’re just manipulatable meat, right? Juice ’em up, empty their brains, and make ’em do tricks. Eight point eight! Nine point twenty! Eleventy point double-oh seven! Go, America!

Lee said coaching was more of a challenge for him when members of the team did not share his beliefs…. “If you are Christian,” he said, “then people can have that kind of empty mind.” Asked if people of other faiths could learn to focus in the same way, Lee said he was not sure.

Naked Olympic Bungee Jumping

Naked Olympic Bungee Jumping

Well, Coach, I know a few Christians myself, some of whom, including clergy, are first-rate human beings with razor-sharp minds. I don’t think they have “empty minds” but then again, they’re not pill-popping athletes bred to bow, scrape, and perform, the kind favored internationally by Olympics organizers. And they sure as hell don’t demand that kind of degrading conduct from others while professing concern, even love, for them.

But that’s the Olympics, isn’t it. Great entertainment. Simply spectacular. Everybody says so.

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11 Responses to Fiction and Crucifixion at the Olympics

  1. Ruh Roh says:

    Would have commented sooner but I was distracted by the lesbian domination and strap-on site. In fact, I’m heading back there now. Bye forever.

  2. Neil, A Christian says:

    Your disrespect for Christians is wrong and hateful. You’re going to hell.

  3. Ms Calabaza says:

    Well wouldn’t you claim to be Christian to make the team?

  4. Camiel Toe says:

    Bad enough the women are forced to claim to be heterosexual.

  5. Barry Bonds says:

    “Juice ‘em up, empty their brains, and make ‘em do tricks.”
    Yeah, so what’s your point? Is this a BAD thing?
    Besides, you left out “pay ’em big.”

  6. Red White & Blue says:

    This is the most disgusting display of liberal America-hate I’ve ever seen. Have you burned your flag today?

  7. Jungle Call says:


    “Yeah, but that’s only tragic if you actually entertain delusions such as (a) most athletes are capable of rational thought ”

    That’s cold!….and hard. And no Clones….we will not respond to anyone entertaining these delusions….so don’t go there.


  8. Jungle Call says:


    Jim Rome

  9. Squathole says:

    Wow! Jim Rome on my blog! I’m humbled.

    And of course, RWB weighs in and determines, with the mud-clear logic of the rabid ideologue, that somehow this post has something to do with (a) liberals and (b) hating America. As Mickey Spillane said, It’s a mystery to me.

  10. MadamI says:

    I was so deeply moved by your editorial that I have decided to make it my personal journey to begin the Support Neked Olympic Bunjee Jumping 2009, aka SNOBJ, please visit We appreciate your support. We are pushing for several divisions of this support such as NOBJ-lesbians, NOBJ-couples, NOBJ-interracials, etc… We have received an overwhelming response of interest from the US Athiest Women’s Volleyball Team. Go USA!!!

  11. Piles says:

    Whoa, MadameI I’m so there with you…..and how about GIRLS JUMPING ON TRAMBOLEEEEEEENS?

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