Exit Stage Right

Every now and then David Brooks writes something to remind me why I keep reading his columns.  Why I put up with his oversimplifications, ideological claptrap, and lame attempts at humor.  Not to mention his Quixotic quests for the Next Great Catchphrase (“bo-bos” being the strongest — and it’s weak).

BTW — his conservative columns appear regularly in that tool of the leftwing media, the NY Times.  Who’s the token liberal in the wingnut press?  Who’s closer to “fair and balanced” here?  Just askin.

I also direct your attention to the recent, largely unreported action by the US Congress on behalf of the nation’s disabled population.  You know, those Americans who are genuinely lame and retarded, not the ones we bloggers routinely label as such when we seek to hurl insults:

WASHINGTON — Congress gave final approval on Wednesday to a major civil rights bill, expanding protections for people with disabilities and overturning several recent Supreme Court decisions.The voice vote in the House, following Senate passage by unanimous consent last week, clears the bill for President Bush.

The bill expands the definition of disability and makes it easier for workers to prove discrimination. It explicitly rejects the strict standards used by the Supreme Court to determine who is disabled.

The bill declares that the court went wrong by “eliminating protection for many individuals whom Congress intended to protect” under the 1990 law. “The Supreme Court misconstrued our intent,” said Representative Steny H. Hoyer of Maryland, the House Democratic leader. “Our intent was to be inclusive.”  NY Times

Which is what those of us who are disabled, or have had the pleasure of working with and for the disabled, insisted at the time: Rehnquist’s Supreme Court, brimming with Republican-appointed village idiots, fucked up the law like it was on a mission of cruelty and ignorance.  They couldn’t have got it wronger if they parked their sphincters on their thumbs and screamed “Not” after every sentence.  Now we have the Congress confirming our angry lament.

The one argument against my vote for Nader in 2000 which I’ve never been able to overcome is the danger of handing power to appoint Supreme Court justices to a virtual moron. I thank the Congress — please note, while the vote was unanimous, drawing from both sides of the aisle, it’s now in the Demo majority — for correcting this Court’s course and smacking the legal snot out of its face.

Have a great weekend, everybody!

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7 Responses to Exit Stage Right

  1. Justice Antonin Scalia says:

    We didn’t get it wrong, simpleton. Congress did, and we spanked ’em. Now they’re just covering their asses. That’s what Democrats do when they’re not trying to ruin this country by penalizing the strong to pamper the weak.

  2. Justice Clarence Thomas says:

    I concur with Justice Scalia. Of course.

  3. "Esq." a Lawyer says:

    As is usually the case when a matter of this magnitude advances to the Supreme Court, there’s really no clear-cut right or wrong. The issue is determined by a set of beliefs, a wide perspective on an entire range of law and policy. An ideology, if you will.

    That noted, Congress’ overwhelming support for the measure (which Bush says he’ll sign into law — although he was mum about making one of his famous “signing statements”) — coupled with several mambers specifically placing on record their belief that the Court misinterpreted their intent, is truly a damning condemnation of the Court’s judgment.

  4. Ms Calabaza says:

    Wow! I actually agree with you on this one. See, there is hope for us after all …

  5. Squathole says:

    Welcome to the dark side, Ms C.

    The Court got it dead wrong for all the wrong reasons, and as Esq points out (above), Congress was upset at the way it was dissed. What’s sad is the way disabled people got so screwed for all this time. Compassionate Conservatism my bony yellow butt.

  6. FerfeLaBat says:

    Saw an interview with Justice Scalia. He’s a charmer that one.

  7. Ms Calabaza says:


    yellow butt?

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