Low Interest in High Finance

This whole issue is so far past my pay grade I’m keeping mum. Besides, it’s much more fun to point fingers and sneer at….well, everybody. It was amusing to see how both parties’ leadership was simply (and wisely) ignored:the ‘Pubs turned off Monkey Boy, John Boner, Paulson, and Bernanke as surely as the Dems brushed off Pelosi and Reid, who richly deserve it.

Meanwhile the two candidates and their running (pri)mates firmly straddled the center line, not taking a firm stand except on agreeing that “something” needs to be done.

It’s the end of America, boys and girls.  The tipping point.  Buy weapons, start hording, and look up as well as both ways when crossing streets.

At least when it all unravels I’ll have a suntan on the skin between my lesions.

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7 Responses to Low Interest in High Finance

  1. Ms Calabaza says:


    We have NO LEADERSHIP. Throw all the bums out and TERM LIMITS!

  2. Miami Harold says:

    The ship of state is rudderless, and worse,
    its captain lies dead at the helm.
    Nobody is bailing (out).
    Every man for himself.
    The strong will survive, but not as a nation,
    not as One,
    and those who survive will face their enemies
    from within as well as overseas

  3. Tanya Hyde says:

    At least when it all unravels I’ll have a suntan on the skin between my lesions.

    I knew you were still one of us. See you on the beach for the Tanorexics Anonymous Mushroom Cloud celebration.

  4. Joe Balls says:

    It’s only money, fellas. Comes and goes, tidelike. Hurts for a while but we emerge stronger, and (hopefully) smarter. Start by replacing just about everybody, as suggested above. Just be careful who you (we) replace them with.

    I’m Joe Balls and I speak for many like me.

  5. My Conscience says:

    I know, I know.
    Don’t blame you, you voted for Nader.

  6. Lois Terms says:

    Joe Balls is right. Market up almost 500 points today. Things are still shaky and hard times are ahead, but panic is unwarranted. Have a drink and relax.

  7. CORGIGUY says:

    The way i see it the days of consumerism are over. If you got CASH stashed away you’ll be fine.

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