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Brief Hiatus

Anticipate sparse posting for a few days while I make a brief run back home to the City of Bodily Harm. World Series celebration? Good guess.  But wrong. Somebody getting married? Try again. Funeral? Getting warmer.  My mom’s about to … Continue reading

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Scatological Rain Delay

It’s 11 PM Monday and the fifth game of the World Series is (a) tied at 2 and (b) under water.  Nothing to do but dredge up some soggy blog to pass the time before passing out.  What a way … Continue reading

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With Friends Like These…..

This is a scream.  Less than a week after Obama gets an endorsement from General Colon Bowel,look who steps up and pats John McCain on the back: Al-Qaida supporters suggested in a Web site message this week they would welcome … Continue reading

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What If……

An old friend sent me this one, don’t know where he got it.  Nothing I didn’t know, but somehow it resonated.  And since it’s Nobody Reads My Blog on Friday anyway, I’m reprinting it with minimal editorial snark: Obama/Biden vs … Continue reading

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For me, home will always be the the city I grew up in.   Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love, was (and remains) a sour, cynical town with an overall bad attitude that flows through the population’s bloodstreams, and seeps into … Continue reading

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Shots and Beers

I hadn’t eased in to the Liquor and Rubber Balls Sport Emporium and Pants Pressed While-U-Wait for a few weeks, so it’s nice this evening to see a nice cross-section (pardon the pun) of the regular lesbians milling ’round without … Continue reading

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Roll The Tape

True love takes many forms.  But duct tape and plastic ties? A Port St. Lucie man accused of binding a woman’s hands and taping her mouth shut says he was only trying to get her attention, according to a St. … Continue reading

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