Goodness Gracious….

Bradenton, FL  Authorities say a woman has been arrested in Manatee County after pouring scalding hot water on her husband’s groin.

Deputies arrested Maverna Theresa Turay, 52, on Wednesday on a charge of aggravated battery with great bodily harm. She was being held at the Manatee County jail on $7,500 bond.

Authorities say Turay boiled the water and threw it on her husband’s groin while he slept. He sustained second degree burns and ran out of the house screaming while a relative called 911, according to a sheriff’s report.

The man was flown to a Tampa hospital for treatment. The report says Turay did not give a reason for pouring the water on her husband, but said she had been drinking alcohol. — Sun-Sentinel

…..Great Balls O’ Fire.  That’s gotta hurt.

I keep wondering what the call to 911 was like, and what the poor bastard with the smoldering nuts did to keep from going totally insane from the pain.  My first guess is he started running North at great speed with the intention of squatting  naked in a snow drift.  Yeah, from Florida that’s quite a long way to haul balls, but those chestnuts were roasting, and I doubt he was thinking clearly.

Anyway, he’ll probably survive.  The marriage won’t.  I hope.  And if you were the judge, could you recommend counseling and keep a straight face?

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3 Responses to Goodness Gracious….

  1. Just stopping by to let our local blogging community know we’re here on the scene.

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    We’d love the support of our local community!

  2. Mister E says:

    “And if you were the judge, could you recommend counseling and keep a straight face?”

    As a veteran of multiple divorces and all the accompanying indignities like bankruptcy, litigation, and of course, marriage counseling, I’d prefer scalding water on my family jewels over another session with some bespectacled man-hating zombie with a license to degrade doomed husbands.

  3. Ms Calabaza says:

    Ooooooooooh, that must have hurt!

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