The Race Is On

A reminder of the explosiveness of race unfolded in the little Panhandle town of Marianna on Thursday when black residents protested to the all-white school board for stopping short of firing a middle school teacher who wrote on a dry-erase board that Obama’s campaign slogan — change — was really an acronym: ‘Come Help A ‘N’ Get Elected.”

[The teacher, Greg] Howard isn’t a racist and was actually trying to teach the ills of racism after he saw a student bring the ”change” acronym to his attention, said his brother, James. Parents said Thursday that Howard was teaching children in his geography classes that their parents should vote for McCain and that those who backed Obama’s health plan were “idiots.”

One resident, Juan Dixon, told the school board that the incident reminded him of the time a third-grade teacher told him the n-word was OK “because we’ve been calling you that every day. We don’t mean any harm.”  Miami Hurled

The “N” isn’t for Nice Guy, by the way.  Or “Neophyte.”

While I don’t believe this pedagogic clod is typical of anything or anybody, this incident demonstrates what even a casual observer of American society sees every day: White people are a rather racist bunch.  They’re simply uncomfortable around Black people, and they entertain the notion that if and when Blacks achieve power, wealth, and influence, let alone equality, it will spell the end of the world as they know and prefer it.  It’s ingrained in their consciousness, creating a prism through which they view the world, affecting their every judgment.

Not every White person, of course.  I generously exempt myself, for example, but it took some work. Living in back-asswards Florida doesn’t help matters, either.  On a daily basis, people will casually confide their bigotry in me on the assumption that We White People all know and understand these things and can talk about them among ourselves, at least.  Wink wink nudge nudge.  Barf.

This election is about a lot of things.  One of them is race, and I think that in Obama we have the ideal candidate to address it.  From his specific remarks and overall demeanor,he reveals his sophisticated grasp on the issues, telling me he’s played every position in the game and is prepared to manage with wisdom and grace.

Meanwhile, we loose the Greg Howards of the world on our neighbors and children to peddle their poison with impunity.  There’s no talking to them, so save your breath.  Donkeys are trained by beating them with sticks because reason doesn’t work.  Having Obama as President will accelerate the learning curve, if not for the knuckle-dragging white Panhandle population, then perhaps in more evolved societies, where people know what “evolved” actually means.

Wonder if he was teaching his geography class that the earth is flat.

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14 Responses to The Race Is On

  1. Darkie says:

    “Not every White person, of course. I generously exempt myself”

    Squats, you’s be white? I’s don’t be know’in much bout’s that there. I be see’in you’s out push’in that there mower in the hot summer heat while’s I be over mowin’ your’s neighbors grass. You’s be look’in jus bout like me’s.

  2. Ms Calabaza says:

    It’s hard to believe there are still guys like this neanderthal teacher around. Can’t we just move on about race and judge people by the strength of their character and not by the color of their skin?

    What? No, I did not steal that line from MLK … I came up with it meself.

  3. Just Wanna Know says:

    You’re white? I thought you were jewish.

  4. Ray Ed Gneck says:

    This reads like every other liberal tract I’ve seen for the last 20 years, and what it boils down to is, Whites are racist and blacks are victims. From there the whole thing starts up: social engineering, guilt-trips, affirmative action, low-income home loans, etc.

    Meanwhile, what about black racism? Latest example is Colin Powell. Is it just coincidence that the first time he endorses a liberal Demorat is happens to be a black one? Race wasn’t behind this? He’s not favoring the candidate because they’re both black, really?

    I agree with your first commenter about getting past all this, but it’s not all on white people to make it happen.

  5. Living Will says:

    I agree that we need to get beyond all this, and I agree that it’s not all up to white people. I also believe that over the last 25 or more years we’ve made a lot of progress, as well as had a lot of setbacks. And I share Squathole’s belief that Obama will advance the agenda even further, which is one reason I’m voting for him. The other reason is that whatever virtues the Republicans possessed at one time, it’s a completely bankrupt ideology at this point in time.

  6. Agustin Farinas says:

    If you think Obama is the right candidate for the times, I wil like to visit with you in about 4 years after he had been elected and then you can tell me all about it in great detail. I can wait for your appraisal of the Man and his times. I will think that just about that time, you will be ready to ingest a very black fowl animal with black feathers who does not sing. The name Heckel and Jeckel come to mind.

  7. joel says:

    racism is alive and well on both sides. i was at publix the other day (5000 block of biscayne blvd), and the cashier was mumbling under her breath “I can’t stand white people… I hate white people…” etc. and the bagger and the other people in line just stood there and looked at her then looked at me kind of saying with their eyes “sorry…”
    I understand the role that history plays and how the playing field hasn’t always been level and we still feel the residuals today, but that still doesn’t excuse the fact that this happens, whether black or white.
    we all need to humble ourselves, admit our faults and truly embrace each other and move forward. this back and forth… i’m over it.

  8. White People says:

    Point taken but you know, we’re not all crazy about ourselves, either.

  9. Kool-Aid says:

    Hard to believe Colin Powell endorsed that half breed commie Muslim after all the time we spent together in the first 4 years.

  10. ya’gotta’guessit says:

    Squats, is all of this “Obama’s post-racial” nonsense your attempt to atone for helping to elect George Bush in the first place?

  11. Squathole says:

    Please note that I did not use the term “post-racial” and never will. If it means anything at all (which I doubt), it’s just psychobbable. I feel the same way about “closure,” too.

    And by voting for Nader in 2000, I did not help George Bush get elected, exactly. (“Exactly,” as in, “I cannot tell a lie, exactly.”). What I did was save the country from a Joe Liberman vice-presidency. Where’s my medal, dammit?

    Besides, if Algore hadn’t run a half-assed campaign that lost him his own damn home state and refused to deploy Bill Clinton on the campaign trail, wet dick and all, he not only would have won more votes (which he did anyway), he’d have won the election, too.

    Auggie: I’ll take my chances as I always do. And you and I will disagree on everything but baseball. Say — maybe an Obama administration will allow more Cuban ballplayers to emigrate. Maybe the key to restored relations begins with baseball. What a trip that would be.

  12. Fearless Frank says:

    Racism is so five minutes ago. Cool people these days hate on others based on their cologne and make-up. *eyeroll*

  13. One Man's Opinion says:

    I would have preferred a Jew Liberman as VP over Dick-You-From-Behind Chaney any day, thank you very much. Medal? You want a medal? What you really deserve is to be hog-tied & flogged…..but you’d probably like that much more than a medal anyway.

  14. Squathole says:

    You’re right, One Man’s Opinion, I would prefer that. And I’m available this weekend. Oh, can I bring my wife?

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