With Friends Like These…..

This is a scream.  Less than a week after Obama gets an endorsement from General Colon Bowel,look who steps up and pats John McCain on the back:

Al-Qaida supporters suggested in a Web site message this week they would welcome a pre-election terror attack on the U.S. as a way to usher in a McCain presidency.

The message, posted Monday on the password-protected al-Hesbah Web site, said if al-Qaida wants to exhaust the United States militarily and economically, “impetuous” Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain is the better choice because he is more likely to continue the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“This requires presence of an impetuous American leader such as McCain, who pledged to continue the war till the last American soldier,” the message said. “Then, al-Qaida will have to support McCain in the coming elections so that he continues the failing march of his predecessor, Bush.”  Talking Points Memo

No surprises here.  Bush’s idiotic foreign policy, specifically the Iraq invasion, has been Islamofascism’s greatest recruitment tool.  It has granted credibility to every fanatical lie ever uttered against America.

See?  Dubya was telling the truth when he said he was Uniter.  He’s brought the entire world together to hate on us.

It’s Sunday night as I write this……before Game 4 of the Series.  I didn’t see the end of yesterday’s game, which ended at 1:47 am.  Even with coffee, Partida Reposado, Elephant Malt Liquor, and a room filled with screaming, lusty, mostly naked female baseball fans.  Sensory overload, I guess.  The Phillies prevailed again, overcoming an umpiring crew headed by Helen Keller and Steve Wonder.

Meanwhile, the Tampa Bay Rays were endorsed by Satan and the Chicago Cubs.  They’re toast.

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7 Responses to With Friends Like These…..

  1. Ms Calabaza says:


    one more win!

  2. Red White & Blue says:

    Where do you get this crap? And why do you hate America?

  3. Stanley Ballpeen says:

    I thought you were trying to be funny. Then I saw the AP news report. It makes a lot of sense. Bush’s War was a wake-up call to the world’s terrorists, confirming every lie and twisted take on the West they’ve spewed for decades.

    I hope he’s proud of himself and the state of the world he leaves behind.

  4. Claud Eustace Teal says:

    As anticipated, the papers (Inquirer and St Petersburg Times) contained stories about Phillies fans conducting themselves like savages during the game, assaulting visitors, screaming obscenities, and carrying on like invading barbarians. Too bad, because the game itself was terrific.

    I realize it’s a minority of fans, most of whom know how to behave even when staggering drunk. It just seems as though the minority it larger in Philadelphia. Maybe it’s the water.

  5. Frank of Oregon says:

    I just figured out what you’re trying to tell us, Squats. Phillies fans are the Taliban! Al Qaida! Right? Do I have it right? Right?

  6. Agustin Farinas says:

    don’t sweat the small stuff. It seems your Phillies will win over the Rays. You see, is the year of the Reds. Obama will win over McCain and the Phillies over the Rays. And after all the Phillies are the ones dress in red.

  7. squathole says:

    Sheesh, Augie…..if that’s what it takes, I’ll take it. The ends justify the means, you know. Read(red) that somewhere.

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