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Reasons to be Thankful

Happy Turkey Day, everyone.  Give thanks.  You could be this guy, or (worse yet) the officers who had to handle deal with him. A man caught near Nobbys Beach with his penis in a pasta sauce jar led police on … Continue reading

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Sharpen Your Axiom

The problem with logic is, it has nothing to do with common sense. In fact, logic is to common sense what the AntiChrist is to the Pope’s libido. Your Honor, I offer as evidence the poster depicted here, spotted in … Continue reading

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Hold the Stuffing

North Carolina authorities say a shopper clubbed an alleged carjacker with a frozen turkey as he tried to steal a woman’s car in a grocery store parking lot Sunday. Police say 30-year-old Fred Louis Ervin of Raleigh stole money from … Continue reading

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Better Nate Than Lever

Maybe.  Or maybe it just doesn’t matter. Bob Jones University is apologizing for racist policies that included a ban on interracial dating and its unwillingness to admit blacks until 1971. In a statement posted on its Web site, Bob Jones, … Continue reading

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Thursday Nite Bites

Aaaah.  Friday.  But in parts of Florida, the weekend partying has already started. FORT PIERCE – A 35-year-old woman faces a battery charge after another woman “complained of a bite to her nipple area” following several confrontations at BJ’s lounge … Continue reading

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A Day Late and a Roller Short

This is a rerun (sort of). And it’s dedicated to Kevin, whose long-time blogging has been inspirational, and who loves this Tommy Toilet poster, back in the days when a poster was something you hung in your apartment, not somebody … Continue reading

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“Copland” Should Be a Police Reality Show

No, no post today. Sorry. Massive Damoclean deadlines looming in ProposalWorld, and Guido and I took time off last night to attend a concert at Broward Center — first time in our long history together that I ever attended a … Continue reading

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Dentally Retarded

Meanwhile, back in The Real America of Republican wet dreams, not all is well. Huntington’s [WV] economy has withered, its poverty rate is worse than the national average, and vagrants haunt a downtown riverfront park. But this city’s financial woes … Continue reading

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Icicles on the Testicles

Sunday morning:  Somewhere around 0-Dark Hundred, three unrelated factors jar me awake. The first is the damn dog barking at the back door, something she does when (a) she needs to pee, or (b) a creature of indeterminate origin streaks … Continue reading

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If Bad Things Happen In Threes……

….then Ringo Starr and Ginger Baker (to name just two) are well advised not to wander too far from the house for a while.  Counting Jimmy Carl Black, this is two. Mitch Mitchell obit.

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