Dentally Retarded

Meanwhile, back in The Real America of Republican wet dreams, not all is well.

Huntington’s [WV] economy has withered, its poverty rate is worse than the national average, and vagrants haunt a downtown riverfront park. But this city’s financial woes are not nearly as bad as its health.

Nearly half the adults in Huntington’s five-county metropolitan area are obese – an astounding percentage, far bigger than the national average in a country with a well-known weight problem.

Huntington leads in a half-dozen other illness measures, too, including heart disease and diabetes. It’s even tops in the percentage of elderly people who have lost all their teeth (half of them have).  — Miami Hurled

toothlessYou’d suppose that people who eat too damn much would at least take care of their teeth, right?  I mean, if you need to gum your deep-fried twinkie and cheese casserole every week at the church picnic and cattle show, you won’t have enough time for seconds or thirds.

This is McCain/Palin country, folks.  The city straddles two counties, Cabell and Wayne. Both supported McCain in the general election, 54-44 and 58-40% majority of votes in the election.

The Huntington area is essentially tied with a few other metro areas for proportion of people who don’t exercise (31 percent), have heart disease (22 percent) and diabetes (13 percent). The smoking rate is pretty high, too, although not the worst.

However, the region is a clear-cut leader in dental problems, with nearly half the people age 65 and older saying they have lost all their natural teeth. And no other metro area comes close to Huntington’s adult obesity rate, according to the report by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, based on data from 2006.

Mighty pretty country,too, I imagine.  Nice leaves in the autumn, and in winter, the snow covers up the coal-stained mud. So what if the population is mostly poor, obese, toothless, sickly smoking old-timers.  At least they got their guns, their bibles, and their ex-Klansman Democrat Senator Robert Byrd, age 106.  And they sure don’t cotton to hearing Spanish spoke in the general store.

Well, that’s enough stereotyping for one morning.

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8 Responses to Dentally Retarded

  1. Ms Calabaza says:

    My cousin Alma Mae! How’d you find her?

  2. mary says:

    Liked what you wrote. Just don’t get the mean spirited title. Why tie in people with special needs to obese, toothless people who voted for McCain????
    As the mom of a lovely kid who you might call “retarded” just wondering why you think those things go hand in hand?
    People with special needs really don’t need any more ridicule. They’re doing the best the can. Not sure you can say the same thing about the people you described in West Virginia.

  3. Squathole says:

    Mary….the only tie-in intended was the pun. And while I often make tasteless and cruel fun of special needs people (along with everybody else), I’m actually rather fond of them, and enjoy their company as friends and family. Did a lot of work in that field as well, most recently Special Olympics.

    Fact is, I have friends in WV, too. They’re thin, fully-toothed, and can read without moving their lips. Truth!

    Thanks for posting. Please come again.

  4. You May Call Me Pierre says:

    I have not been to this particular city or state, but the description of its residents suggests to me that here we would find the best examples of how the rest of the world thinks of you Americans. Certainly it is what we French find most American: poor diets, little concern for one’s appearance, apathy regarding health, disregard for culture, etc.

    West Virginia does indeed sound like the “Real” America.

  5. ya’gotta’guessit says:

    I just love the Progressive thought-process:

    Squats gets reamed for using the mean-spirited “Ableist” nomenclature, “retarded”, but his critic has no problem dissing the overweight, dentally-challenged McCain voters of West Virginia.

    Whatever happened to tolerance & being non-judgmental, Mary?

    The toothless probably “do the best they can”, too.

    These people could have an inherited predisposition to heft and naked gums, but because they voted Republican, Mary’s ready to turn off her love light.


  6. Ms Calabaza says:

    Gawd knows I triyed to git dat girl to the Dintest! By golly . . .

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