“Copland” Should Be a Police Reality Show

No, no post today. Sorry. Massive Damoclean deadlines looming in ProposalWorld, and Guido and I took time off last night to attend a concert at Broward Center — first time in our long history together that I ever attended a classical music event with her. If you really want to stretch the definition of “music” to include Aaron Copland. My god what a haul of crap. Fortunately it was only one short number.

Back soon with fresh snark.

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3 Responses to “Copland” Should Be a Police Reality Show

  1. Squathole says:

    and may I add that the damn blog was down most of the day anyhow. I blame Alesh.

  2. Johnson says:

    “one short number.”

    I resent the implication.

  3. Agustin Farinas says:

    I once had to sit through the Grand Canyon Suite also and came away hating Aaron Copland. Mozart or Bach he was not, I tell you. I find his music disonant and boring and devoid of any good melodies. But the folks that have studied music and know this stuff say he is a great composer. Go figure!

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