Long Live Mrs. O’Leary

I’m relaxing in the Liquor & Rubber Balls Sports Bar and Pants Pressed While You Wait (LRB’s), having a beer with Vera Lu Senz, sportswriter and North Side Chicago native.  Midwesterner to the core, she congratulates me again on the Phillies’ season; Cub fan to the marrow, the trace of bitterness is palatable.  I try not to gloat.  I fail.  Oh well.  So I change the subject and ask her about Governor Blago.

“What a maroon,” she says.

What — for selling Obama’s Senate seat?

“Hell, no!  Obviously it’s for sale!  That’s how it works in Chicago!  No, he’s a damn fool for getting caught.  Even his enemies can’t believe how stupid he acted.”

Just following tradition, right?  I mean, how many is this?

51qqp2gf0wlShe makes a face.  “Look, you’re losing perspective.  Yeah, Chicago, Little Cairo, Illinois, we have a long tradition, goes back to ‘way before my time.  I grew up when the first Mayor Daley ran the show; him and Fast Eddie Vrodlyak in City Council.  The whole reason I went into journalism was Mike Royko, who made a living exposing these bastards.  By the way, Fast Eddie just went down.  Finally.

Corruption is a fond tradition, right?  Like the Ft Lauderdale Boat Parade?

“Yeah, but about 150 years older.    See, thing is, under Daley, Chicago worked.  You had a problem, you called your clout, and he took care of you.  Trash pick-up, problem with the school, DUI, little criminal matter, you knew who to call to clear things up.”

Your what?

Your clout.  The committeeman, the connected guy in the neighborhood.  He does favors, he collects favors.  You stay on his good side, your kid gets a summer job, your street gets cleaned, your tickets gets fixed.  You go along, you get along.  Worked for decades until the goddam reformers start barking.”

And this is the tradition Obama came up in?

“Pretty much, although it was starting to break apart.  Guys after Daley weren’t as smart.  But Obama knows the game.  This is why he’ll be a good president.  All these folks talking about how wet behind the ears he is, they know bupkis.  The man is an operator.  Knows just how to keep his ass from smelling while he’s shitting in the same pot as the rest of them.  And what he can’t handle himself, believe me, Rahm Emanuel can handle.”

Change we can manipulate.

“There you go.  Hey. Your wife is from South Philly.  Same damn thing, but with oregano instead of paprika.  Believe me, the country is in good hands.  We need smart tough city guys to handle Iran, Iraq, and Putin, not a pack of Christian hicks.”

You’re a funny girl. Lu.  How ’bout dem Bears?

“Yeah!  How ’bout another drink?”

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14 Responses to Long Live Mrs. O’Leary

  1. Agustin Farinas says:

    “Pretty much, although it was starting to break apart. Guys after Daley weren’t as smart. But Obama knows the game. This is why he’ll be a good president. All these folks talking about how wet behind the ears he is, they know bupkis. The man is an operator. Knows just how to keep his ass from smelling while he’s shitting in the same pot as the rest of them. And what he can’t handle himself, believe me, Rahm Emanuel can handle.”

    Well it sounds to me like your friend from Chicago agrees with us “wing nuts” as you call us, that Obama is not as virginal as he has been portrayed by the MSM and his supporters. I like the part about where he shits in the same pot but he does not smell. Sure, once someone is found out doing the dirty deed, he throws them under the bus and appears shocked and dismayed at his/her behavior. Is the same old story with Rezko, Wright, Ayers, et al. I have to give credit it to the guy, he is as suave as a snake oil salesman.

  2. Ruh Roh says:

    AgFar: The only people who portrayed Obama as “virginal” were the media wingnuts themselves, who said over and over that Obama’s supporters thought that. But they (we Obama fans) never said that. Typical Faux news maneuver to make something up, claim the other side said and believes it, then debunk it. Obviously you were fooled.

  3. Frank of Oregon says:

    Your pal Lu Senz is pretty funny. What’s her real name and who does she write for?

    Agustin: All through the election I kept hearing what you said about people who had this idea that Obama was politically pure or virginal, too. It always amazed me because I personally volunteered for the campaign, knew lots of Obama supporters and voters, and not one ever said anything like that. They did believe he was the candidate who could undo the messes that Bush left behind, and some seemed captivated by his charisma, but that goes on everywhere. (Look at the way Sara Palin energized the uneducated, for instance, and the way people still worship St Reagan).

    Everybody knows what Lu Senz said: Obama came out of Chicago, with a long history of political crime and corruption. That doesn’t make everybody from Chicago a corrupt criminal, but it does mean they’re not a bunch of choir boys.

  4. Living Will says:

    I don’t care if he walks on water or eats live babies in his spare time. Just get us out of the shithole Bush left us in.

  5. Ms Calabaza says:

    you do have a way with words …

    that bus is getting mighty crowded and Rahm may be next … LOL
    BTW, I agree with Living Will, just get us out of this mess. . .

  6. Squathole says:

    Auggie: I sure as hell never thought of Obama as innocent, let alone virginal. You don’t climb to the top of the political compost pile without getting dirty. Lu Senz is exactly right, but she isn’t saying anything nobody with a gram of sense didn’t know already.

    Do this for us: Google “Obama” and “virginal” and see what you find. I found quite little a moment ago.

    I agree with what Ruh Roh wrote (and we’ve had this exchange before on Ms Calabza’s blog) — that Obama’s portrayal as god’s chosen One was all wingnut spin, and that his own people never entertained a notion that naive. It was a way of debunking his popularity, and like most of what wingnut nation tried during the election, it failed.

    FofO: Lu Senz no longer writes about sports: she saw the writing on the wall years ago and got out of print journalism. She writes advertising copy now and doesn’t want her real name exposed. I think she’s a great writer, sharp edged, insightful, and funny as hell. Too bad those talents don’t earn her (or anybody else in journalism) a living wage any more.

  7. Beardsley says:

    Amazing how the right wing plays it both ways and doesn’t even know it. On the one hand they paint Obama is inexperienced, unqualified, and will get eaten for lunch by folks like Putin or the Iranians. On the other hand they point to his Chicago background and say he’s been sitting at the table with sharks and sharpies his whole career.

  8. Lois Terms says:

    Hey, I’m willing to believe that Barack Hussein Obama is the biggest crook in the country, covered in Chicago slime from his hairline to his hemorrhoids. Just prove it.

  9. Ortho Stice says:

    “Change we can manipulate.” ha!

  10. Mike Royko says:

    Here I am dead 20 years and the city is still as crooked as a wrinkled pierogi. So much for the power of the press, yeah?

  11. Lu Senz says:

    Hell, Squats, I didn’t know you were taking notes!

    You got it right. At least as far as I remember.

    I’m a bit surprised by some of these reactions, though. Whoever said Obama was “virginal?” I remember seeing his described as “inexperienced,” which made me laugh at the time, but nobody could ever think coming out of Chicago and rising to the top he was anything but street smart, I guess people hear what they want to hear, and believe what they want to believe.

    Me, I believe I’ll have another drink. You buying?

  12. Barbara Ganousch says:

    Some people are so upset about the Black man winning they can’t even wait til he gets into the White House before they blame him for everything from the recession to the bad weather.

    Blago’s own words, caught on tape, tell you that Obama “wouldn’t play ball” on this, and Blago calls him a motherfucker. What does this make Obama guilty of?

    Meanwhile, the same people have no problem with a cabinet member ordering the torture of prisoners and wiping his ass with the Bill of Rights.

    Pardon my language but this upsets me.

  13. Red White & Blue says:

    I just knew if I watched this thread long enough some liberal would play the race card, and there it is, from Barabar Ganouch.

    All through the election we heard Obama people singing his praises like he’s the second coming of Christ. The Chosen One. The One We’ve Been Waiting For. Now it comes to light that some of his own choices might are some pretty despicable agents in toxic environment.

    More liberal hypocrisy. When anybody else but them do it’s a crime and a sin and a matter for the courts, but when they do it, it’s just politics as usual so get over it.

    Oh, and we’re always racists, too.

  14. Agustin Farinas says:

    Most of the liberal media sang the praises of Obama (remember I get a tingle up my leg when I hear him speak) (Obama is the one) they went on about how different he was from the other politicians, and on and on and on, and now it turns out it was we the so called wingnuts that made up all that bunk and sang the praises of Obama. Now, that is a nice kettle of fish. You make up the praises and the wonderful adjectives to describe your candidate and now we are saddled with the blame. Nice try, but no cigar.

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