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Arrested Development

We’ve had some daylight break-ins around the neighborhood over the last few months.  Pretty standard stuff: somebody quietly goes through a window, looks for something portable and valuable like jewelry or cash, then departs through a door.  The police have … Continue reading

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Fiddle About

……Or, “Cello, Dolly.”  Read on. Back in 1974, in a letter to the British Medical Journal, Elaine Murphy reported that cellists suffered from the “Cello Scrotum,” a painful complaint caused by their instrument repeatedly rubbing against their body.  The claim … Continue reading

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A Finny Tail

It’s been a busy day.  Fortunately, this item needs little commentary: It must have been a bizarre experience for Robert van Dooren, salesperson at Bob’s Adventure Store in Weert.  A twenty-five year old inhabitant of the southern Dutch town parked … Continue reading

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Screw Taxes

It is virtually unheard of for any legal industry to ask to be taxed. And it would seem even more unlikely for any government, especially one facing down a nearly $2 billion budget gap, to hesitate when a business is … Continue reading

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We Are Fam-i-Lee…..

From the Sunday papers, here’s a pair of heart-warming stories about families and family values, those bedrock intuitive principles that political and cultural leaders advocate for us unenlightened citizen sinners. The Wacko from Waco Houston, TX    The mother of infamous … Continue reading

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Beavis Finds New Partner

“It had been a week since Stephen Tucker hitch-hiked his way from Galveston, Texas, to Fort Lauderdale, and the shaggy, toe-headed nomad was tired and ready for his first hot shower in eight days.” — Miami Hurled Coming next season: … Continue reading

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Lost in Space (another continuing series)

The post I lovingly prepared yesterday for today’s publication evidently vanished, and I’m too damn busy to reconstruct it.  Too bad: it was a loving re-creation of the conversation on the helicopter bearing Bush and his pack back to Tex-ass.  … Continue reading

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