Lost in Space (another continuing series)

The post I lovingly prepared yesterday for today’s publication evidently vanished, and I’m too damn busy to reconstruct it.  Too bad: it was a loving re-creation of the conversation on the helicopter bearing Bush and his pack back to Tex-ass.  I thought it was funny, anyway.

I’m sure, to quote Alesh, that it’s something I did wrong, even though I’ve done the same damn thing the same damn way for a few years, now.

But in other news, I just learned that the Rev Jeremiah Wright and I both graduated from the same high school: Central, in Philadelphia.  We were not classmates, in fact, we weren’t even there together at the same time.  (The school was founded in 1838, and smells like it.)  He graduated in the class of 1959.  The schools of civilized metropolises were racially integrated back then.  Floridians wouldn’t grasp this concept until a court ordered it.

Makes me wonder.  We had the same education — how come he made so much more money than me?  Must be corrupt politics, right?  What else could it be?

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17 Responses to Lost in Space (another continuing series)

  1. Agustin R. Farinas says:

    obviosuly you missed the point.
    First, you have to start your own church.
    Second, you need to give sermons where you hate the USA and everything it stands for and then claim that the government wants to kill every Phillies fan out there by injecting them with AIDS.
    Third, you record the ranting sermons in the DVD format and sell them at your church at 15 dollars a pop.
    Fourth, you rant and rave about how unfair society has been because you come from Philadelphia and had to suffer many indignities for it and or being a Phillies fan.
    Anf fifth, you get prospective politicians within the Democratic party to attend your church for 20 years and when they are asked about your rantings and US hatred ,you tell them to say they never heard them and deny the whole thing.
    That is the simple formula for you to acquire enough money to buy a 10 million dollar house and have the MSM chase you around to get your opinions and rantings. See how easy it was? Is a piece of cake, right?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I knew you were from Philly, I didn’t realize you went to Central. The school was male-only when Wright attended, and had a reputation for mostly gay. Think he’s gay? I know you are.

  3. Squathole says:

    Damn, Auggie, you’re right! Where were you when I was in high school? The clods they hired as “guidance counselors” were complete losers — after all, look at THEIR awful jobs!

    Anonymous: You should have figured out I went to Central by the simple fact that unlike other high school grads, I can read and write. As for sexual orientation, I suspect the school’s reputation as a haven for gays is exaggerated: people saw high school kids actually studying as opposed to playing football or committing street crime and figured they simply had to be gay. Yeah, there were gays then and I imagine now (both genders these days), but you’ll find that in all schools. Especially military acadamies.

    I doubt Rev Wright is gay, and I’m rather sure I’m not, either. You’ll have to look elsewhere. Try the Minneapolis airport men’s room.

  4. Sen Larry Craig says:

    What’s up, ‘Anonymous?’ Want to see my wide stance?

  5. Joe Balls says:

    The Bush team’s whining about the way their president was treated so shabbily makes me ROFL. Best part is, the smirking chimp probably wasn’t even listening. Like Cartman, he had one thought: “Screw you. I’m Going Home.”

  6. Ms Calabaza says:

    don’t fret. Just because he’s rich and you’re not . . . he’s probably not as happy as you are … :~)

  7. Agustin R. Farinas says:

    Squatty, Joe Balls,
    I wonder how the Democratic Left would feel when a good demeaning name is found for Pres. Barry O by the opposition? I mean, there is president Alzheimer for Reagan, and Bush has his own Monkey Boy, so what do you think the opposition should call Pres. Obama just to treat him like you have done with the former president? If you dish it out, you also have to learn to take it. Politics is a two way street. Or the insulting and demeaning names are only applied to Repubs POTUS?
    How about pres. Stupid Peanut Head or even Chicken Shit for Carter? Or how about trying president Sex Deviate and Fiend for Clinton?.
    Any of those two sound very appropiate to me.

  8. One Man's Opinion says:

    Yo Augie….just for the record Jimmy Carter was referred to as the “Peanut Farmer” and even worse “Billy’s Brother”. Clinton you could call “Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire” or “Sex Monkey” but “Fiend”? “Sex Deviate”? I don’t think so. You see Augie, a pet name is meant to reflect the nature or character of the man. While I’ll admit that most Chimps are smarter & more articulate than Bush was/is, you have to admit he certainly resembles a chimp; and his “Stay The Course” stuburn mentality was quite childish….hence the nick name “Monkey Boy”. See how it works? As for Obama we’ll all have to wait to see what name fits. But judging by his actions these first few days in office I’m thinking maybe “Nike”, as in just do it.

  9. Agustin R. Farinas says:

    Forgive me for being so blunt, but what exactly do you call a guy who is the president of a nation and uses his official residence to insert a cigar into a woman’s vagina who works for him? He not only disrespected the woman but also the office of the president. Is this a normal behavior for a politician? If the name is supposed to reflect the character of the guy, then sex deviate fits Clinton to a tee.
    By the way, I have to disagree with your statement that watching kiddie porn does not hurt anyone. It does. The child protagonists in the film are being demeaned and insulted by such a perversion. The guy should rot in jail where he deserves to be for a long time.

  10. Joe Balls says:

    Here’s a whole bunch of presidential nicknames, and there are lots of other sites with even more: http://www.rateitall.com/t-21390-presidential-nicknames-and-sobriquets.aspx

    Agustin: “Slick Willie” was a pretty good name for Clinton, and the cigar episode backs it up. But as I’m sure Squattle would agree, Yes, that’s normal behavior for a politician. He just got caught, that’s all.

  11. Squathole says:

    Auggie: I wouldn’t characterize anything conducted under circumstances of mutual consent as “disrespectful.” Unless, of course, you’re talking about the cigar. What a waste, especially on that cow. Turning a perfectly good H. Upmann into a Flor de Tuna.

    Joe Balls: Exact-amento. I have it on decent authority that there’s a whole lot of under-the-desk action in Washington, so established and routine that it barely (!) merits a mention. Washington is all about Power, and Power is an aphrodisiac.

    Is this deviant behavior? Not for me to say. I disliked Clinton for a lot of reasons, but the way he used his dick wasn’t one of them.

  12. Mumblety Peg says:

    Men are such pigs.

  13. Kent Standit says:

    “Flor de Tuna.” Squathole, never call ME sick and twisted ever again.

  14. Travis T says:

    Amazing how the Right can’t get over Clinton. Eight years later, they’re still furious over the way he got away from them, and still flounces around in the corridors of power. They brought the whole government to a standstill all because of a blow job. Talk about values.

  15. Agustin R. Farinas says:

    It is called ethics and decency. While I think he did a better job than Bush in dealing with the economic agenda, that is no excuse for his lack of decency and ethics. Clinton’s behavior has nothing to do with right or left politics. The fact is that he was guilty of perjury and lying to Congress and that is unforgivable in the office he held. I am sure if his wife did not have in mind a run for the Presdiency, she would have divorced him in a heartbeat when that sordid affair came to light. But being as ambitious as he is, she swallowed her feminine pride and muddled on through it all. He was a disgrace to the office of the President of the US and demeaned it with his reprehensive behavior.

  16. Dawgbowl says:

    Agustin: Ethics and decency? Don’t make me laugh. The men and women who climb to the top leave those little details behind them on the first rung. FDR and Eisenhower both cheated on their wives. Nixon was a psychopathic liar, paranoid, and anti-Semite. LBJ was a crooked as a dog’s hind leg. The Bush who just left is a draft-dodging alcoholic . Who’s that leave in recent history — the first Bush and Carter? If I get some time I’ll dig up dirt on them too. It’s there, never doubt it.

    So, no, it’s NOT about decency and ethics. They’re all loathsome. It’s all about who YOU vote for and which party YOU belong to and which candidate or president YOU like.

  17. Lois Terms says:

    Clinton was and is a scumbag. I don’t know if he was better or worse than anybody else and I don’t care. He was literally caught with his pants down and slithered away scot free. You don’t need to be a Republican to stay upset about that.

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