Screw Taxes

It is virtually unheard of for any legal industry to ask to be taxed. And it would seem even more unlikely for any government, especially one facing down a nearly $2 billion budget gap, to hesitate when a business is willing to pay up.  Yet such is the case for Nevada‘s brothels, a $50-million-a-year industry that pays significant amounts of tax to the rural counties in which they operate but only a $100 business license fee to the state.

The industry’s lobbyist, George Flint, director of the Nevada Brothel Association, has been approaching the Legislature’s leadership for months about creating an entertainment tax that would require the state’s 25 legal brothels to give the state some money on a per-transaction basis.  — NY Times

I love the “per-transaction” basis.  How does that convert to dollars per splooge?

modified_truss_head_screwsThe back story (sorry) is that Nevada’s economy is in the terlit, and the ‘Pub governor is a no-new-tax type who has to close a budget deficit.  The brothel tax would help fill the gash gap, but the governor would rather institute a 6% pay cut for teachers, and reduce higher-education financing by 36%.  In sum, he’s willing to screw the education system out of money rather than let screwing help pay for it.

It’s neither selflessness nor patriotism that drives the brothel industry’s offer.  They see it as a means to expand into the state’s two largest counties (housing Las Vegas and Reno ), where they’re currently prohibited by law.  Unlike the sex trade, the law is complicated and devious, and leaves one feeling dirty.

Oscar Goodman, Las Vegas’ colorful mayor, loves the idea.

“They tell me we’re missing tens of million of dollars that could be used for the school system, to keep jail guards employed, to provide mental health services,” Mr. Goodman said.  “I also believe that by regulating and controlling this business, we could make it much safer for the customers as well as the prostitutes. We kid ourselves and we’re very disingenuous if we pretend that there isn’t rampant prostitution now that is unsafe for which we get no tax revenue.”

Yep.  Like the drug trade.  And (in Florida) gambling.  These practices continue no matter what.  We can fight them like hell and keep the guns blazing, the courts crowded, the prisons filled, etc., or we can figure out the way to make peace, live together, earn some money.  Both ways involve costs, but one makes a profit.  Naturally, with government and puritans in charge, we pick the loser.

Everybody knows sex sells.  Why can’t we buy it?  Why should we let our taxes screw us, and not the reverse?

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9 Responses to Screw Taxes

  1. Ms Calabaza says:

    Legalize it and tax it … same goes for drugs and gambling, IMO

  2. Wheres the Outrage says:

    You’ve got this all wrong, as you usually do. Government at all levels has a duty to maintain the security, safety, and welfare of the citizens it represents. Prostitution is exploitave, dangerous, unhealthy, and morally degrading. Not only shouldn’t it be taxed and revenue-producing, it should be shut down, as the other 49 states and most nations have done.

    There are more important matters than money.

  3. Frank of Oregon says:

    I read the whole article, and once again I’m convinced that politics ruins everything and politicians are bloody insane.

    It’s already legal and operational in nevada, has been for years. The only lame excuse for not getting more revenue out of it is that doing so MIGHT lead to its expansion into the two largest counties — which, ironically, is something the mayor of LV would welcome.

    So something that MIGHT happen, which some people want and some people don’t, stands in the way of generating more revenue which would support education.


  4. cara says:

    The brothel assoc wants to expand to legalized prostitution in the biggest cities. Two very different things. I live in Storey County (Mustang Ranch) and my kids go to an excellent school that was built by brothel tax dollars. We aren’t facing major budget problems because our schools are more tax based than state funded. Plus, our kids receive more sponsorship, without the normal advertising benefits, for their extra curricular activies from brothels than you can imagine. This is one of the best businesses for our economy, and they are generous with our kids.

    Tax them if they want. They can battle for prostitution. The argument remains that prostitution is harder to control for disease and safety. Brothels are highly regulated. But are still a great place to go for a beer!

    Shutting them down would be the most ignorant decision ever.

  5. Ted End says:

    Maybe I’ll just stop reading this blog. I’ve read the post three times now and I still don’t see what it has to do with hardware.

  6. Claud Eustace Teal says:

    I don’t see why this kind of prostitution should be frowned upon when it’s so rampant in all other walks of life, especially politics. Personally, I’d rather be screwed by a Bunny Farm professional than Senator John Boehner.

  7. The Outrage is here says:

    And it’s at the idiot WTO.
    “Government at all levels has a duty to maintain the security, safety, and welfare of the citizens it represents. Prostitution is exploitave, dangerous, unhealthy, and morally degrading. Not only shouldn’t it be taxed and revenue-producing, it should be shut down, as the other 49 states and most nations have done.”
    That’s right….it does. And Prostitutes are citizens who work damn hard and would be proud to pay taxes. Explotation happens because it’s not regulated. The only people who think prostitution is immoral are tight-assed, prig-faced prudes. Illeagal?….well you got me there. But just like drugs it should be legalized, regulated and taxed. With regulation would come much better and safer working conditions than most prostitutes have to endure now. And if a woman or a man chooses to earn a living by trading sexual favors for money why should they be held in contempt for it. I say they should be able to hold their head high & be proud. Certainly you can’t think that just because it’s legal you will be required to indulge? Or is that what you’re affraid of? That you would be required to smoke a joint & then have sex with a Lady or Gentleman (whatever your preference) of the Evening?
    I could rave all day about this so I think I’ll stop now….surfice it to say I’m in favor of legalized drugs & prostitution as well as gambling. Put on a ballot & I’ll vote in favor.

  8. Neil, a Christian Soul says:

    You’re going to hell, along with all these other people who fail to understand that prostitution is a terrible sin against God, and, in His jugment, those who support it are as guilty as those who practice it.

  9. Squathole says:

    Load be praised that our long lost lamb Neil (a Christian Soul), inspired by talk of prostitution, returns to us with promises of hell and damnation.

    Belly up to the bar, Neil (a Christian Soul) and maybe somebody will take pity on your pathetic whining ass and buy you a handjob. Yeah, that’s the kind of bar we’re going to. Where else?

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