A Finny Tail

It’s been a busy day.  Fortunately, this item needs little commentary:

It must have been a bizarre experience for Robert van Dooren, salesperson at Bob’s Adventure Store in Weert.  A twenty-five year old inhabitant of the southern Dutch town parked his bicycle against the shop front and entered the shoe shop, dressed only in a pair of shoes.

Van Dooren: “He wasn’t dressed properly for the season.” Not only that but he carried a raw trout from which he took bites every now and then. Van Dooren asked the man whether he was cold but apparently this was not the case.

The shoe salesman informed two city guards who were on patrol. Van Dooren thinks the sight of the guards in uniform caused the naked man to become agitated and he started pulling on one of the display racks in the shop.

Van Dooren wrestled the man onto the floor with the aid of one of the guards but the nude visitor bit him hard on the lower arm.

It turns out the man had escaped from a psychiatric institution. He is currently in a secured ward of a local hospital.  DigitalJournal.com

fishyBob’s Adventure Store doesn’t disappoint, does it.  This starts out like a joke.  A man wearing only shoes and carrying a dead fish walks into a store.  The shopkeeper asks him what he wants.  ‘I’ve come to see you about my brother,’ says the man, brandishing the dead fish.  ‘Lately he’s been a bit off his feed’. Something like that.

“Actually, when I asked about being cold, I was talking to the trout,” Van Dooren told authorities afterwards.  “I really didn’t think Mr. Nudie had anything useful to say.  Most of my customers don’t.”

The fish was freed and returned to the canal.

For further reading: see Richard Brautigan.

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7 Responses to A Finny Tail

  1. Ted End says:

    I don’t get the joke about the brother who’s the fish.

  2. Mister E says:

    What’s an Adventure Store, anyway? And why toss a dead, chewed-on fish back in the canal?

    You’re right. Something smells fishy.

  3. ya'gotta'guessit says:

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    Kilgore Trout

  4. Ortho Stice says:

    Just plain bizarre. How’d you find this? I spent 18 months over there and I swear, nothing this interesting ever happend or got reported. Of course, I was stoned a lot of the time.

  5. Ruh Roh says:

    If more people ate fish, the newspaper industry wouldn’t be in such dire straits.

  6. Jaded says:

    Oddball people never cease to amaze me, seriously.

    Then again, without them life would be somewhat boring.

    Thanks for sharing the story.

  7. Squathole says:

    Well, Jaded, cat owners know something about oddballs, don’t we? I told our new guys — 11 weeks old now, and wild as wrestlers — to take their antics elsewhere once Guido and I hit the sack and can’t defend ourselves. They laughed at me, of course.

    Glad you’re okay. Thanks for stopping by.

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