Fine Art (abbreviation)

How’d I miss this?

iFart, as the name suggests, is a $.99 novelty iPhone app that plays a wide variety of fart sounds.  It was initially released on December 12th, and has since skyrocketed up the app store charts, and is now the #1 paid program in the app store.  In the two weeks following its release, it’s been downloaded 113,865 times, netting the creators $78,908 in the process.  Edible Apple

Not at all an Apple fan, it strikes me that making fart sounds is the perfectly appropriate function for the iPhone and its legions of blowhard fans.  The sales numbers appear to confirm that opinion.  But what do I know?  I still miss WordPerfect for DOS.  (Which I still have, loaded and ready to go.)

witw1At this juncture, I incorporate by reference Jaded’s excellent tale.

If you’re interested in farts — and why shouldn’t you be?  They’re a part of your daily life and one of the first things you learned to multi-task  (think about it) — there’s plenty of  literature on the subject.  There’s “The Fart Book,” by David Wetzel, and “Blame It on the Dog,” by Jim Dawson.  One of my first exposures was “The Wind in the Willows” by Kenneth Grahame, which Disney converted to an animated film.  (Watch it stoned.)  And everybody knows “Fart Proudly,” by Benjamin Franklin.

Got a fart story?  Share it.  Let’s Huff!

P.S.  On the same subject, I can’t believe Rick didn’t offer this adventuresome literary gem in his pre-selection of items for Blog of the Year.

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9 Responses to Fine Art (abbreviation)

  1. Ms Calabaza says:

    Did you know that Hitler suffered from “colossal flatulence” (or those around him suffered, actually). This, according to released medical records … Heard it on the History Channel … I wonder what the criteria for “colossal” is?

  2. Camiel Toe says:

    Ms Calabaza: My live-together relationship broke up in part because I just couldn’t handle my ex’s non-stop flatulence. He changed his diet for health reasons, but it gave him tremendous gas. But the worst was, from my perspective, it wouldn’t start going in earnest until the bastard fell asleep, and he’d deny it! I woke him up several times to prove it, and he still denied it — said it was ME!

    We stopped sleeping together, started to drift apart, then both agreed it was over. I took the living room furniture, he got the bedroom.

  3. Claud Eustace Teal says:

    I love my iPhone. When I saw this app in December I figured it was a ruse. Now I see some clever blokes made a bloody fortune off it. The Pet Rocks of the 21st century. Mind blowing.

  4. cara says:

    Camiel- I’ve learned that one of those Glade air freshner cans is as good as rubbing their nose in it. And if you get close enough, you can damn near give them a freeze burn. Haven’t had that prob for years now…

  5. NME says:

    Cara: Do you spray it straight up his ass, or just stuff the whole can in? he he he

  6. Al Gore says:

    There’s nothing humorous about farts, people. In fact, the methane generated by cattle farts alone is responsible for raising the temperature of the atmosphere 2.1 degrees over the last 25 years, not to mention the smell of downstate Illinois. Oh, wait, some of that might have been Blajojevich.

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  8. mdreeling says:

    Well, farting has certainly taken an enterprise turn… and i’ve never had so many requests to install vaporware.

  9. Squathole says:

    Thank for stopping by, Dr. Reeling.

    I took a look at your site and am confident I understood about 0% of it. Hard to appreciate jokes when you don’t understand the language they’re told in. So I’ll stick to farting IRL, at which I’m an expert.

    Hope your enterprise goes well. Thanks again.

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