PS Happy Birthday

Obalesque is one year old today. To celebrate, we’re taking him out to get drunk and laid (in that order). The rest of you may take the day off. Eat your vegetables, drive safely, and don’t take any wooden nipples.

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8 Responses to PS Happy Birthday

  1. Lu Senz says:

    And just for the record, Squathole didn’t even realize this until I emailed him moments ago and reminded him that we had a bet about how long he’d keep this up. He said he’s quit after a few weeks. Duck Diamonds and I bet him he’d last at least a year. He loses. Again.

    See you at LRB’s, Squatto. You’re buyin.

  2. Rick says:

    [flicks a Bic and holds it over his head]

    Happy, happy!

    I’d give you more credibility if I knew your real name. 🙂


  3. Guido says:

    Me, too, Rick. (Couldn’t give him less.)

  4. Ms Calabaza says:

    Happy anniversary Squatty! Can’t believe it’s been a year ~ go celebrate!

  5. Kent Standit says:

    Happy anniversary. I liked the old place better, but this one’s coming along.

  6. Frank of Oregon says:

    Glad you’re still around. Reading this blog (and the comments) reminds me fondly of my days in the Portland state loony bin.

    Whatever happened to Rufus Leeking, MD? And Rollo Nickels?

  7. guido says:

    Just for the record, if he gets drunk first there’ll be no getting laid. After all he’s not in his 30’s any more.

    Happy, Happy Squats!

  8. R. says:

    Belated Happy Birthday Squatster!!! How time flies!

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