Pest Control Thwarted

What’s up with the Miami Hurled’s website? I went looking for a particularly vapid column I read Sunday morning (seated on the throne) about the allegedly disrespectful way the Marlins are regarded nationally, and couldn’t find it on line.

And then I tried to find Greg Cote’s weekly cavalcade of unfunny inanities (truly a case of “All the crap you can unwrap” journalism) so I could point out a grammatical error of such glaring proportions it would have earned a failing mark in a high school English class. (Something like, “Fining the sheik $10,000 would be the same as fining you or I a quarter.”  Yeah.  “You or I” ).  I found his column, but that line was missing.

That just killed my will to post anything. I was all up for a baseball post, too.

Guess today if I have time I’ll just make myself a nuisance on everybody else’s blog.

Sorry. See you tomorrow.

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6 Responses to Pest Control Thwarted

  1. Lu Senz says:

    There’s no “alleged” about it. Despite 2 World Series championships, the Marlins are dismissed by the national media as non-contenders, uninteresting, and not to be taken seriously.

    This isn’t entirely unfair. With the present ownership group doing business the way they do, it’s very unlikely the team will ever amount to very much, although, as we’ve seen, they usually play well enough to compete. if not dominate. They’re youngsters who play over their heads for a while, and it can be exciting. But ultimately disappointing. And then they’re traded when they threaten to get expensive.

    Not the way to win a championship, and certainly not the way to build a fan base.

  2. NME says:

    The story you reference is here:

    Maybe the reason you didn’t find it is it appeared Saturday, not Sunday. It’s a local columnist whining in sympathy with Marlins management about their lack of respect. I agree with Lu Senz–they get what they deserve. Show some commitment to a winning tradition instead of a profitable business and maybe they’ll get someplace.

  3. Frank of Oregon says:

    Just as well. Nobody in south Florida really cares a whole lot about baseball anyway.

  4. Art Rocks says:

    I love baseball. That’s cause I hate sports.

  5. ya'gotta'guessit says:

    Maybe folks would have more respect for the Fish if they had a little more for themselves.

    Their stadium is the worst in the majors, not counting places with artificial turf – a craptacular hellhole that’s just a big “fuck you” to the rest of the Eastern Division.

    Visiting teams count the *seconds* until their planes leave.

  6. Bunyip says:

    yabadabadoo is right about the stadium, but it’s the same deal as the players. Ownership won’t spend the money, they want the city and the county to pay for it. Which they might get. That vote is supposed to happen next month.

    Even if they get their playground that’s just good for maybe a season until the novelty wears off and the team goes back to the lame sister it is. Most people here won’t drive to that neighborhood even to see a good team.

    What Im saying is that baseball could work here if you had visionary owners with deep commitments to the city and a good feel for the promotion and marketing baseball needs. But we don’t.

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