Welcome Back, Manuel!

Manuel A. Tellechia returns to the blogosmatic environment and we are all the better for it.  Visit “Jose Marti Blog,” and get hooked.

I agree with Manny Youngman about 14.33% of the time.  He’s stubborn, biased, horribly well read, and armed with both a sharp wit and admirable vocabulary.  Well worth reading, and plenty of pugilistic fun.  Please follow the link.

Welcome back, Manny!

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4 Responses to Welcome Back, Manuel!

  1. Thank-you, SH, for your generous words and noble sentiments. I shall try my best to inject some humor in my new blog, though the subject, of course, does not lend itself naturally to it.

    As for agreeing with you only 14.33% of the time, it is quite enough for me because within that percentage falls our total agreement about the Cuban people’s right to freedom and self-determination, which defines for me a good conservative or a good liberal.

  2. Red White & Blue says:

    I’m glad he’s back too. I agree with him about 99.33% of the time, and with you about never. The only reason I read this is to see what the dark side is up to.

  3. Alex says:

    Told him a long time ago he wouldn’t stay out of blogging. Welcome back.

  4. Squathole says:

    It’s just one post and I can’t figure out how to read or post comments. So I’m in standby mode.

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