Bullseye on Bullshit

Timothy Egan got it right today, and not just about Gush Limbo.

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8 Responses to Bullseye on Bullshit

  1. Claud Eustace Teal says:

    Obviously the writer is a socialist. He’s probably a closet Muslim, too.

  2. alesh says:

    I’m appalled at some of the shit I hear Limbaugh quoted as saying. But I think the analogy to Jeremiah Wright are interesting. His more famous and allegedly offensive statements, when put into context (not just within his sermon, but also into historical context), are actually quite reasonable and even laudable.

    Given that, I feel reluctant to let my bile flow towards Limbaugh. Glad to read that he makes smart Republicans squirm, though.

  3. Ms Calabaza says:

    Ah, this is just a distraction because the economy is tanking . . .

  4. Barbara Ganousch says:

    Good column. The Republican Party has become as intellectually bankrupt as the large corporations its leaders propped up for years.

  5. Mister E says:

    Newt Gingrich is making a comeback, too. These people are desperate. I suppose this is what you do when you have Mikey Steele running the show, and Bangladesh Bobby your next great hope.

  6. Mister E says:

    P.S. Alesh: What’s a “smart Republican?” An Independent?

  7. alesh says:

    There are two kinds of smart republicans. First kind are moderates. Boring.

    Then there are real nutjobs who are nontheless smart and interesting and semi-likable. William Kristol is one of my favorites.

  8. alesh says:

    Oh, and even Gingrich, and even friggin Buchanan, are pretty good in small doses.

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