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There Has to Be a Morning After

If you’ve been reading this blog for any time at all, you probably don’t expect to see very much here the day after St Patty’s.  Or Cinqo de Mayo.  I’m writing this Monday night. The plan is, a bunch of … Continue reading

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Adultery for Dummies

Me?  I’m happily married, and that’s for the record.  About 75 years now.  The secret is, my fellow dicked Americans, wait until you’re sure.  Or desperate.  Also, marry for beauty, brains, talent, personality, and above all, a powerful, wet, snapping…..libido.  … Continue reading

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“I Can See Clearly Now”

Ten children at a day care center drank windshield wiper fluid after the owner served it from a container mistaken for Kool-Aid and placed in a refrigerator, the authorities said. Doctors say the children, ages 2 to 7, drank about … Continue reading

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Hadn’t Thought of That

“Just think.   If wealthy people had given away more of the money they had over the last decade, they wouldn’t have lost it.” — Charles F. Feeney, billionaire, disussing his recent $125 Million gift to  UCSF Medical Center. NYTimes

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Break Out

Remember, about 20 years ago, Ft Lauderdale decided it had enough of rowdy spring breakers pissing and hurling on the shrubbery and drunkenly plummeting off hotel balconies?  And that the city would re-orient tool itself for “upscale European cultural tourists” … Continue reading

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I Scream You Scream

‘Way too serious so far this week.  So…. Fort Pierce, FL  Authorities said a man shoved an ice cream bar down his pants and then offered a Texaco station store owner $69 not to turn him in for shoplifting. The … Continue reading

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Torture in C# Minor Augmented Seventh

As a follow-up to yesterday’s post (Torture in C# Minor), here’s s a story from today’s NY Times opinion page written by two military interrogators denouncing the practice on both moral and practical grounds.   The contrasting views presented in the … Continue reading

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Unborn In the USA

While headlines reflect the sentiments of a considerably upset constituency within the Catholic Church that denounces President Obama’s Executive Order opening the way to embryonic stem cell research, elsewhere on earth the flip side of the moral issues emerges. Declaring … Continue reading

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“The whole sorry episode [Michael Steele’s fawning apology] reeked of the same cowardice that the entire party is showing in the face of this howler, afraid of offending his Limbaugh-tomized minions of the far, far right.” — Charles M. Blow, … Continue reading

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Torture in C# Minor

“Goddamit!  Jeeesus Kuurr-riiist!  Turn that crap down!” Throughout my teenage years, those are the words I heard my father use most often.  He was referring, of course, to the music I was blasting, which he abhorred almost beyond words.  After … Continue reading

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