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Caveat Emptor

DETROIT — Chrysler, the third-largest American auto company, will seek bankruptcy protection and enter an alliance with the Italian automaker Fiat, the White House announced Thursday. —NY Times That’s one!  BTW, Fiat stands for, ” Fix It Again, Tony.”

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Mother’s Little Helper

A vibrator powered by a hand crank (no pun intended) has gone on sale as the world’s first wind-up sex toy. Makers say the ‘Earth Angel Vibrator’ is made from recycled materials and can give an hour of eco-gasmic power … Continue reading

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Officially Extinct

Arlen Specter, the last moderate Republican in American history, announced today he’s changing parties.  This will make the Senate a a 60-vote filibuster-proof Democratic institution. “His leaving the Republicans elevates the intellectual level of both parties,” sneered one ‘Pub operative.  … Continue reading

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Non-Prophet Organization

This is pretty rich.  It seems the fastest-growing religious group in the nation is the one that espouses no religious beliefs at all: Polls show that the ranks of atheists are growing. The American Religious Identification Survey, a major study … Continue reading

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Swine Flew (Pigs Fly?)

That’s 3 emails this morning suggesting I have swine flu and won’t be posting for a while.  I do not have swine flu (although the morning after a session at Liquor & Rubber Balls Sports Bar on cigar night, my … Continue reading

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Riviera Beach Ban on Crack Declared Illegal

A Vertical Victory for Hot Cross Buns? Drop that ordinance — and your pants if you consider it fashionable, Palm Beach County Judge Laura Johnson ruled Wednesday.  The judge overturned Riviera Beach’s saggy pants ordinance, which had prohibited anyone from … Continue reading

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That’s One

David B. Kellermann, the acting chief financial officer of the troubled mortgage giant Freddie Mac, was found dead Wednesday morning at his home in Northern Virginia, the police said.   The executive apparently committed suicide by hanging himself, according to people … Continue reading

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