180 degrees in Miami

I’m surprised I haven’t heard more about this locally.

MIAMI — The leading organization for Cuban exiles here is calling on the White House to expand relations with Cuba’s government, and funnel much more public and private American money to the Cuban people.

A 14-page proposal from the group, the Cuban American National Foundation, lays out what the document calls “a break from the past” that would “chart a new direction for U.S.-Cuba policy.”

It is the basis of a continuing discussion with the Obama administration, White House and foundation officials said, and it amounts to the group’s most significant rejection of a national approach to Cuba that it helped shape and that has been defined by hostility and limited contact with the island. NY Times

Socialists?  Elitists?  Mesmerized by Obama?  Lies and propaganda?  Persuaded by the Congressional Black Caucus?  Homage to Neville Chamberlain? What gives?

Or *gasp* progress and pragmatism?


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12 Responses to 180 degrees in Miami

  1. Manual Override says:

    Maybe the reason you haven’t heard more is because nobody gives a damn?

  2. Hose B says:

    Jorge Mas Canosa is spinning in his grave.

  3. Lazlo Toth says:

    This looks and sounds like a complete reversal of everything that bunch has been committed to since, well, since forever. Is it the full moon?

  4. Ms Calabaza says:

    Follow the money . . .

  5. Helen Highwater says:

    Yes, interesting reversal, but it seems they just can’t make that one last final hurdle over the embargo.

  6. Wingnuts R Us says:

    Lies all lies! You can’t believe a word you read in the New York Times, ever.

  7. Joe12pack says:

    Bee Eff Dee. I don’t see where any of this gets me any closer to affordable Cuban cigars, which is about all anybody wants out of that place anyway.

  8. Sharpo Marx says:

    From the pearls of wisdom of the Congressional Black Caucus:
    “We’ve been led to believe that the Cuban people are not free, and they are repressed by a vicious dictator, and I saw nothing to match what we’ve been told” (U.S. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver)

    We should ask Mr. Clever if being 50 years in power without free elections and only one party, and always having the same president, qualifies Castro for a dictatorship. Of course not. He is only a real popular leader, and the Cubans adored him. I guess that must be why they leave in droves at every chance they have gotten to flee Cuba in the last 50 years.
    But who cares about the truth anymore. This is the age of Obama, don’t you know!

  9. Squathole says:

    Sharpo: Emanuel Cleaver’s statement was as absolute a confession of ignorance as I’ve ever read. Personally, I’d put this bozo up there with Jane Fonda, except he didn’t spread his thighs over a cannon when he said it.

    Why you suppose this has anything to do with Obama is a trifle mysterious, though. But I guess you need to reach for something, as does most of Wingnut Nation these days.

  10. anonymous says:

    That is a simple question to answer. It does not take a rocket scientist to put two and two together and come up with 4.
    1)They are all Democrats. Obama is a Democrat.
    2) They are part of the Congressional Back Caucus. Obama is black.
    3)They are all leftwingers. So is Obama.

    These folks are part of the advance group that is testing the waters and raising the trial ballon for the establishment of diplomatic relations with the only regime in all of the Americas not democratically elected and a communist regime to boot. A regime who has never held free elections and who has been in the past a relentless supporter, weapons provider, and trainer of all sorts of terrorists ranging from Hamas,ETA, the IRA, the FARC and others like them. A regime who in 1962 in collusion with the decesed Soviet Union sought to destroy us by bombing with nuclear weapons. Castro’s request to Khruschev in Oct. of 1962 to attack several American cities is a matter of record for anyone who cares to look it up. Is part of the history of the Cold War.
    But why should that little fact stops us from giving them our blessing to that regime anyway.
    Now that the war on terror has been cancelled and dismantled, we can be friends with Castro and Co. again and all get together and sing Kumbayah over some Rum and Coke drinks.
    It never ceases to amaze me the total ignorance displayed by most American State Dept. offcials when it comes to deal with Castro and his regime. It befuddles anyone how can these officials be so ignorant and naive when it comes to Castro. Maybe is because some of them secretly admire him. There can be no other explanation for their total negligence and ignorance.

  11. Hose B says:

    I don’t have an argument with what most of what you say here, Anonymous, about Castro and the way he’s run that country for 50 years. But lumping everybody together as Democrats and leftwingers and blacks etc doesn’t make any sense, especially since the Cuban American National Fopundation is none of those things, and their white paper calls for the same kind of change in status that the CBC suggests.

    The US doesn’t “give its blessing” to a brutal undemocratic regime by allowing travel and cash remittances from citizens to family members, or by creating openings for cultural exchanges.

    All we’ve done with our stubborn policies for 50 years is made ordinary Cuban citizens more miserable than they already are under Castro, and given him a perfect propaganda tool in the bargain.

    Clearly you care about Cuban people. So do I. Let’s see how we can do the best for THEM, regardless of the ideology.

    Squathole: I agree with you 100% about Cleaver’s amazing stupid crack. You don’t do anybody any favors by diminishing the horrors of Castro’s brutality.

  12. Squathole says:

    Anon: I think Hose B got it right. But I admire your paranoia.

    I have some trouble with this premise tho:

    “Now that the war on terror has been cancelled and dismantled…..”

    …because last I looked, there were still GIs dying in Afghanistan and Iraq ostensibly to carry on that “canceled” war and protect your paranoid ass. Seems to me, too, that up until the leftwing Black Democrat took over, you were okay with that scenario.

    I think the CBC went ‘way over the line, and I haven’t seen anybody endorse their statements. Changing our policy makes sense to most people, including, it seems, the CANF.

    Let me know when you start feeling like the isolated Neanderthal ideologue you sound like.

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