White Turban, Red Neck

Happy weekend, everybody!  And in the spirit of the holiday, here’s an Easter riddle:

Q:  Why didn’t Jesus go to college?

A:  He got hung up on the boards.

For our next trick, guess what this photo is:


A beach house on the Redneck Riviera?  Check out the snap-on cab accessory on the roof.  The socks hanging out to dry on the ladder.  The hurricane-proof elevation and custom-made cement  risers leading to the front door.

No?  How about Ted “Unabomber” Kacynski’s mountain hideout? See  the ornamental razor wire and countercultural flag?

Guess again…….perhaps a Cuban medical facility for the common citizenry, not the modern state-of-the-art hospital they show off to credulous journalists praising the national health care system?  See the trained physicians inside the doorway?  The “doctor” will see you now!

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

A daycare facility in Miami?  A toll station connecting New York and north Jersey?  A magnet school in Mississippi?  Republican National Committee headquarters?  Dania Beach City Hall?

Nah.  This is an Afghan police station, typical of the most corrupt, distrusted law enforcement agency in the world, representative of the nation where we’re about to deploy about 15,000 troops to win the hearts and minds of the citizens to defeat the influence of the Taliban.

Believe me when I tell you this is actually the most encouraging part of a bigger story, which you can read here.

Happy Easter everybody!  Bonus second holiday joke:

Q:  Why is Easter the favorite holiday of Alzheimer’s patients?

A:  They get to hide their own Easter eggs.

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7 Responses to White Turban, Red Neck

  1. Ms Calabaza says:

    Happy Easter to Squatty and friends . . .

  2. Old Timer says:

    That last joke isn’t funny, but I forget why.

  3. Neil, a Christian Soul says:

    Tasteless and blasphemous. You’re going to hell.

  4. Barbara Ganousch says:

    I read that article. I’m impressed. The Afghan police force is more thoroughly and organizedly corrupt than even Chicago’s municipal government.

    One would suppose that with all the cash they’re skimming off, they could buy themselves a decent beach chair for the roof of their HQ for those quiet days when they’re working on their Afghan Tans.

  5. Living Will says:

    That photo is priceless.

  6. Sharpo Marx says:

    I wonder why don’t you make jokes about Mohammed and the Islamic faith?
    Nah, you know better. They may come back and burn your ass or even worse, they might even decapitate you in a heartbeat.
    But Christians are an easy bunch of saps, they wouldn’t dare attack you for making a tasteless joke about Jesus Christ, specially on Easter week possibly the most holy of all Christian holidays.
    Now, those other guys with the Koran…….they will not be so understanding and I am sure their sense of humor is not as good either.

  7. Squathole says:

    I don’t KNOW any Muslim jokes. You got any? Send me an email. So long as they’re (a) funny and (b) tasteless, I’ll be happy to share ’em.

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