The Silence of a Troubador

This is a very big deal in the City of Bodily Harm and fans of the game everywhere.

I’m talking about fans who love to hear a game on radio as much or as more as they watch on teevee.  Fans who spend years — decades — tuned to nuance and silence, and can gauge the game from the space between the sounds as well as the spoken words.  We’re a dying breed, and we just lost a Leader.

PhilliesKalasHarry Kalas was the second half of the greatest, most knowledgeable and entertaining baseball broadcasting duo ever to call a game.  In a venomous town of cranks and cynics, Kalas and Richie Ashburn couldn’t come up with a handful of enemies between them.  Wherever their voices carried, conveying news of the game, events of the day, and issues of essence; from the Jersey shore to the backwoods of the Commonwealth, these two ambassadors of baseball were beloved and respected.  No easy thing.

Harry the K’s death ends an era on a poetic high note: his team, the Phillies, are defending World Champions, and he died in the broadcast booth prior to the game.

This 2009 Season is dedicated to you, Harry.  We’ll never forget you.  Thanks for everything.

Now let’s fucking play some ball.

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10 Responses to The Silence of a Troubador

  1. ya'gotta'guessit says:

    Say-seel-leo Gwan-taay

    D’on C’arman

    Mick-eee Mor-an-deeneee

    Pete Ink-a-veel-eeya

    Dick-ee Ray Nolllllzzz

    “walked him on four pitches”

  2. Lu Senz says:

    Covering the Cubs, I met Harry Kalas many times over the years, who was always thought of as a home-town son in Chicago. He was the nicest, most accommodating gentleman in sports, completely without ego or pretense. Also, make no mistake about how much he loved and knew about the game he covered for over 40 years. Phillies fans were blessed to have him as their Voice all this time.

  3. Old Timer says:

    Very sad. He was 74 and probably had another 5 years left, more if he wanted it. I doubt anybody coming along behind him will have the same impact and longevity, the game and the media have both changed too much. So it’s another legacy guy come to the end of the road, making all of us a little poorer.

    Hey how come no word on Mark Fidrych?

  4. cara says:

    Squat truly sentimental? Quite a rare moment to savor.
    I think he would appreciate your tribute.

  5. Kent Standit says:

    Yeah — Mark “the Bird” Fidrych and Marilyn “Behind the Green Door” Chambers, too, the Ivory Snow porn star. Two great American icons — The Bird and the Pussy. Died, died.

  6. NME says:

    Considering how most people I hang with blast music while they watch ball games, or see the games in noisy sports bars, I guess you’re right about a dying era. My approach has always been to tune these guys out when they talk talk talk talk especially if they’re former athletes.

  7. Ms Calabaza says:

    I’m glad he got to see his Phillies win the series. Cara, I agree with ya, Squatty is a sentimental ol’ fool! Kinda nice to see. :~)

  8. Ted End says:

    Squattle is an OLD fool, anyway.

    Hey as long as you’re talking Philadelphia personalities, Phil Spector was finally convicted of manslaughter and hauled off to jail. Bastard killed that fabulous piece of tail Laura “Barbarian Queen” Clarkson. Only in Philadelphia could a scumbag like that get to be a US Senator for so long.

  9. Fly Guy says:

    zomg Ted End is beyond repair.

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