10-4 on 420

….on Marijuana Appreciation Day, no less!

A Miami-Dade police officer made an early morning discovery Monday when he pulled over a white pick-up truck on the Florida Turnpike: an undisclosed — but enormous — amount of marijuana plants. Witnesses said the amount taken by police was estimated at half a million dollars.

The driver of the truck jumped out and ran away as the officer walked towards the man’s truck, police said. Although extra officers were called in, the man was not found, police said.  Undercover officers later confiscated the marijuana plants and stuffed them into large black trash bags.

The incident occurred Monday, April 20 — a day of smoking and celebration for marijuana users, who commonly refer to the date as “420.’‘  Miami Hurled

263368996_68473c4969Doesn’t say WHERE on the turnpike.  I wasn’t there anyway, so don’t lookit me.  While Guido and I passed some hours cruising from about 595 to the sweet ass end on Friday and Sunday back and forth to KW, this was a day later.

Besides, I haven’t touched hippie lettuce this entire century, and even before.  I’m legal as stomping a muscovy duck, just not as pretty.   I completely approve of its use and legalization, but, like polygamy and parasailing, it’s just not for me.   No more.  Can’t handle it.

Happy 420, everybody!  Stay off the roads.

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5 Responses to 10-4 on 420

  1. PETA says:

    “legal as stomping a Muscovy duck” is about as funny as melanoma.

  2. Borkon says:

    Nobody says “hippie lettuce” any more. It’s probably a good thing you’re clean these days: you’d be an embarrassment to Stoner Nation.

  3. Barbara Ganousch says:

    Bet you that driver is STILL running.

  4. "Esq" a lawyer says:

    It’s a sign of how politically immature we are as a nation that pot isn’t legal yet.

    It’s been pointed out a million times that pot isn’t as dangerous a substance as alcohol or tobacco, with which it is usually compared, and those substances are readilly available. In the case of tobacco, we spend millions simultaneously condemning smoking and snuffing while propping up tobacco farms.

    The prisons are filled with “criminals” whose sole crime was either possession or sales, costing us billions each year and creating crime-inpisring conditions. Add in the legal fees and court costs.
    And then there’s the tax revenue we lose by not legalizing and regulating its sale.

    Lord we’re idiots.

  5. Perry Noid says:

    If it wasn’t you and you’re clean for years, why do you sound so guilty?

    You don’t have to answer that.

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