(Zeig) Hail, Britannia

When he’s not speaking in awed, glowing terms about himself, talk show host Michael Savage rehearses the zanier edges of Wingnut Nation, where desperate attempts to assassinate the character of the 44th President and belittle both his accomplishments and popularity have become almost as commonplace as they are laughable (“He gave the queen of England an iPod!  It’s the end of the world!  It proves he’s a socialist and a Muslim who hates America.  And he’s still Black!!”).

moeBorn Michael Weiner — “Savage Nation” would be more genuine were it rechristened “Weiner World” — Savage spews endlessly against liberals, “the puppet media,” gay people, diseased illegal immigrants bankrupting the nation, politicians of all varieties, and anything at all that can even vaguely get linked to the current President, whom he identifies as a fascist, communist, socialist, foreigner (i.e., not born on American soil), phony, elitist, unwitting tool of Wall Street and George Soros, and far, far worse.  All simultaneously, and  often in the same baritone breath.  Imagine stooge Moe Howard venting, and you’ve captured the accent and tone as well as intellectual content.

Listening to this batshit on WTF 850-AM every day on my way home, it’s all I can do to keep my car on the road, I’m laughing so hard.

Last week, convinced that the reason Obama didn’t close the border with Mexico over the swine flu outbreak because it would hamper the president’s “strategy” to flood this country with illegal Mexicans who would all vote Democratic, Michael Sewage suggested that the swine flu episode would be “Obama’s Kristina,” the turning point in his administration when his incompetence, corruption, and weakness would undo his presidency.  He went on like this for hours, spinning a conspiracy theory of worldwide proportion.  You could hear spittle sizzling against his microphone.  The End of the World!

This week, with the virus in retreat and world panic subsided, Dr. Sewage is silent on the subject.  The hysterical dunce.  Oh, well, he’ll find something else to try soon enough — maybe steal a stray bozoic notion or two from Hammity.

Never fear, he has another cause to flog — himself!  His favorite little thing!  Seems he’s been put on a British shitlist along with terrorists and hate merchants, and has been banned from entering the United Kingdom.  Not that he was planning on going.  Read the story here.

d0209ir1It’s absurd and an outrage, of course, and will only serve to make the British government look like fools and assholes.  (Not that this is difficult to do.)  It will give liberals a bad name (ditto).  It will energize louts like Michael Sewage and his fawning room-temperature-IQ audiences.  Aside from all that amusement, it’s just wrong….

….and on this, at least, he’s right.  No government has any busines punishing citizens for the words they utter, let alone another nation’s citizens.  It’s not only morally  wrong, it’s counter-productive: their actions against him only advance his agenda, in much the same way Monkey Boy’s war against Iraq served the interests of al-Qaeda.  When will they learn?

So I stay tuned to this auditory afternoon train wreck, struggling to keep my Scion Eyesore on the road.  Honk if you’re listening.  Loudly.

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12 Responses to (Zeig) Hail, Britannia

  1. Ray Ed Gneck says:

    Dr. Michael Savage knows more about the world and its politics than you’ll ever know in 10 lifetimes. The things he says today which sound so wrong to liberal loonies like you look brilliant 6 months later, but nobody wants to remember or credit him.

    So just keep on your merry way and I’ll remind you what an ass you made of yourself with this hit on a brilliant commentator.

  2. You May Call Me Pierre says:

    “It’s absurd and an outrage, of course, and will only serve to make the British government look like fools and assholes. (Not that this is difficult to do.)”

    As we French have proved for 1000 years, it is much harder to make sense of the British than it is to make love to them. Or, as you Americans might say, they are so busy f*cking themselves, they allow no others time to do the same.

  3. Joe Balls says:

    Great poster. I love the Stooges.

  4. Oscar Mayer says:

    He’s the “black sheep” of the family.

  5. Bill O'Rights says:

    What this all comes down to is, You disagree wholeheartedly with what he says, but you defend his right to say it. How quaint.

  6. Living Will says:

    Savage is so full of himself I find it impossible to listen for more than a minute or two. He’s a fascinating study in neuroses, at once paranoid and narcissistic.

    I get the idea it’s all an act, and underneath there’s personality even twice as nauseating.

  7. Sloppy Seconds says:

    “Michael Sewage.” Squattio, you’re intense.

    The guy proves every day that you CAN fool some of the people all the time. There will always be an audience for the loudest and the worst, whether it’s politics, religion, or art, just BECAUSE it’s as bad as it is. Good post.

  8. ya'gotta'guessit says:

    Squatty doesn’t watch TV, so he won’t know of Rachel Maddow, Savage’s “Progressive” counterpart on MSNBC.

    An obnoxious know-it-all, she’s the (er, um) *female* embodiment of Keith Olberman…the two have so perfected the full-body Liberal Smirk that it’s almost Cheney-esque in its contempt for non-believers.

    With the face and haircut of a homely pubescent boy, Maddow fascinates “Progressive” gals and guys alike, who dream of seducing her through the sheer force of their Political Correctness.

    Me, I wouldn’t fuck her with Ann Coulter’s dick.

  9. Claud Eustace Teal says:

    Savage routinely refers to MSNBC as “MSGLBT,” one of many media companies bought and paid for by mysterious worldwide homo/liberal/socialist powers somehow controlled by George Soros, who singlehandedly put Obama in the White House.

    I know little of Rachel Maddow myself, but I doubt she’s THAT goofy. No, Savage is in a class of his own.

  10. Ann Coulter's Dick says:

    Hey, leave me out of this. And her.

  11. "Esq" a lawyer says:

    Good post, and you’re right about his latest cause. I tuned him in yesterday afternoon and his whole show was nothing but this non-stop. He even had some law professor on to back him up.

    It’s predictable that the Right will rally to THIS freedom of expression issue, but stands shoulder to shoulder with movements to ban books and criminalize flag burning.

    It’s also predictable, as articulated by a commenter above, that Right apologists would deflect criticism of its hero by trashing a third party. Of what relevance is Rachel Maddow to Michael Savage in this context. The weak point is is, “We have ours, you have yours,” some kind of moral equivalence at work.

    I think you struck the right balance. Savage is sewage, but the British over-reached. In this battle, I stand with Savage, nose held tight.

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