It’s “Bill of Rights,” Not “Bill of Lefts”

Just another case of those damn Obama socialist liberals on the nation’s campuses wiping their ass with the Bill of Rights in the name of political correctness, right?  Oh, wait……

Richmond, VA  — Liberty University has banned its fledgling College Democrats club, saying the group stands against the conservative Christian institution’s principles.

The president of the club, Brian Diaz, said he was notified by an e-mail message that the group was being banned by Liberty, a private university in Lynchburg, Va., that was founded by the Rev. Jerry Falwell.

Liberty’s vice president for student affairs, Mark Hine, wrote in the message to Mr. Diaz that the Democratic Party violated the university’s principles because, he said, it supports abortion, socialism and the agenda of gay, bisexual and transgender people.

The university’s chancellor, Jerry Falwell Jr., called the club’s recognition by the institution “an oversight by an administrator” who did not thoroughly consult university policy.  — NY Times

You gotta wonder about the intelligence of kids who pay good money to go to Liberty “University” and try to form a ‘Crat Club.  Then again, there’s still the gay Log Grabbin’ Republicans.  To paraphrase (read: ConstitutionBurning“corrupt”) the old axiom: Nobody ever went broke underestimating the political acumen of your average American college student.

Credit is due Marked Hiney, Liberty’s VP, for straightforwardly stating that the larval ‘Crats are thrown off the island not for any other reason than their actual beliefs.  He’s not hiding his unconstitutional fascistic bigotry behind some wimpy technicality.  He prays and thanks his Christian god daily for his blessed ignorance, and prays to be made even ignoranter for the sake of his eternal soul and retirement pension.

How come I didn’t see this reported on Wingnut networks?   Seems to me they should be proud.  Must be an oversight.

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24 Responses to It’s “Bill of Rights,” Not “Bill of Lefts”

  1. Borkon says:

    Don’t say “ignoranter.” It’s “MORE ignoranter.”

  2. Neil, a Christian Soul says:

    Your criticism of the Rev. Fallwell and Liberty University is unfair and unchristian. You’re going to hell.

  3. Ruh Roh says:

    So in the minds of these conservative Christian academics, Democrats are to be banned because they’re wrong “in principle.” The other principle at issue here, freedom of expression, must also be against the principles of conservative Christian academics, as well as a commitment to and open exchange of ideas on a college campus.

    This tell me that they aren’t genuinely conservative, Christian, or a college.

  4. Ortho Stice says:

    Neil: What’s unfair? Every hour of the day you can tune in on rightwing radio and hear about how liberal political correctness has taken over the universities, and stifled free expression. I bet you believe this yourself. So here’s the shoe on the other foot, is all.

    Typical namby pamby conservative bigmouths who can dish it out and can’t take it.

  5. Newt Gingrich says:

    they’re racists.

  6. Ms Calabaza says:


    you say, “You gotta wonder about the intelligence of kids who pay good money to go to Liberty “University” and try to form a ‘Crat Club. ”

    In the contrary, I’d love to meet these kids … they have moxie!

  7. Flat Earth Society says:

    What these kids tried to do makes sense to us!

  8. NicFitKid says:

    Why would you expect them to respect the BoR? It’s not like they have a law school or anything.

  9. anonymous says:

    If they do not take federal funds, they have a right to ban them, if they do not conform to the principles of the school. They can always go to any other school that advocates gay marriage, socialism and marxist politics. After all, is not like the US does not have many schools that already advocate and teach such things under the guise of academic freedom. They have many schools to choose from. Good riddance!

  10. Squathole says:

    anonymous: The point of this post, which seems to have eluded you, isn’t the legality of the school’s action. I quite agree with you that as a privately funded institution, in matters like this they may do as they please, and should.

    My only point is that Liberty has done exactly what so-called conservatives rail against when they condemn university “political correctness,” just from the other side. Which gives the lie to those conservatives who say that they object on grounds of free expression. They don’t at all. They just don’t like the specific message.

    FWIW, the whole concept of political correctness nauseates me, and is one major difference I have with liberals, and don’t consider myself one.

  11. "Esq" a lawyer says:

    Holy crap. They DO have a law school. They pray before moot court, too.

    “Holy crap” is a fitting epithet, yes?

  12. anonymous says:

    Eric Holder, Obama’s Atttorney general dismissed the lawsuit against the Black Panthers who blocked the voting polling places in Philadelphia and intimidated voters with billy clubs during the last presidential elections.
    Why aren’t you railing against this clear abuse by the Attorney General and his bias?

    Martin Luther King did not die to have people in jackboots with billy clubs blocking the door to polling places, and neither did Robert Kennedy.
    – Bartle Bull

    This is what Obama and his goons are all about. Isn’t this is a clear violation of someone’s Civil Rights not to speak of the Bill Of Rights? So whay aren’t you in the least upset about this? You have criticized a Christian school for not allowing a group that clearly is not in sync with the Christian policies of the school who is private and does not take federal funds.
    So why do we not read any outrage about this dismissal that clearly has racial overtones to it. The goons in this incident were members of the Black Panther Party.
    God forbid, white goons from the KKK would have blocked or intimidated these voters. We would still be reading about it. But when the shoe is on the other foot, we do not see any outrage or any denunciations of these goons and they seem to have the protection of Obama’s AG. What makes these goons any better than the KKK goons?

  13. Squathole says:

    Anonymous: Good points. I only wish there was more news about this, and, at the very least, some reaction from the Obamameisters. So far, the only real news I’ve seen is from the Philly press — limited — and wingnut bloggers. I have nothing to add. Go for it.

    The story, as I read it, has lots of strange shit that doesn’t add up. Remember: I’m from Philly. The neighborhood at 12th and Fairmount
    has maybe 3 registered Republicans, a very strange selection for this kind of alleged voter intimidation. The so-called “New Black Panthers” have been repudiated as frauds and rip-off artists by the remnants of the old Panthers, which is hilariously ironic. And for all the bluster, what exactly did they accomplish, and whom did they intimidate? And ferchrissakes, Why?

    Let’s hope there’s more news. But in the meantime, Wingnut Nation has itself a fine tale to flaunt as evidence that the end of the world is coming, which they’re doing splendidly without my help.

  14. Kim Chee says:

    It’s also interesting, I think, that this voter intimidation story was jumped on with both feet by every wingnut news outlet and blogger in America, including this anonymous commenter, while the Liberty College story went almost entirely unnoticed. People pick and choose their favorite pet peeves, usually based on their politics.

  15. anonymous says:

    I thought your kind would probably dismiss the whole affair as nonsense.Nothing new from your folks here. As I stated before, if this was a KKK nut intimidating your side of the aisle from voting you would be up in arms screaming about how those rightwing nuts and animals dare do that to voters . But since it is the other side, and these are Black Panther goons, you dismiss it as our fantasy and nothing to worry about. We kwow exactly where you are coming from, we have no doubts about it. Anything Obama does is right and anything his detractors say or do is nonsense not worth your time .
    Well I got news for you dear, we are not going away any time soon and we will continue to harp and speak about this abuses until your side shut us up. But beware, you have better have more amunition and better guns than we do. We are not going anywhere soon, so remember, we are here until either hell freezes over, or your side incarcerate us all and we will continue to call a spade a spade and a communist a communist.

  16. Kim Chee says:


    (1) I do not know who you refer to when you say “your kind” but I do know that when such expressions are used, the user behaves very badly. It is an expression commonly heard from bigots. I do not accuse you of such — I do not know you — but I don’t like what I hear and want you to know why.

    (2) I do not know very much about this incident because there was such little news, which, I agree, may be a problem in itself. I did see that there are NOT the black panthers from the late 60s era, and that in fact the organization that exists today condemned the activities of the agents in question. But that noted…

    (3) Whatever else they did, if it involved voter intimidation, it was wrong, and I would condemn it.

    (4) Your generalizations about me are silly, and your threats betray immaturity and insecurity. I do not applaud everything Obama or any other politician does, and, if you’ll read the news, neither do many others in his party who voted for him.

    (5) It is important for his detractors to speak up loud and often, and I wish they would do so and make more sense when they do, but they sound too angry and demoralized. Just today I heard a radio talker simultaneously call him a Muslim and warn him that Muslims would kill him because he’s an infidel. What silly talk this is, and how typical.

    (6) I am neither spade nor communist, but that has nothing to do with what I write or say. I am a teacher, and suggest to my children please judge by words and action, not complexion or political persuasion. I suggest same to you.

  17. anonymous says:

    KIm Chee,
    if you do not condemn what has been done to these voters to intimidate them, you are in agreement with it. Therefore you are also part of the problem. I do to cut you any slack. When you see an abuse and you do not condemn it you are being part of the problem. I do not cut you any slack. You are being an inocent( not in my eyes) part of the problem. I f you do not see any problem with the Obama’s Attorney General ignoring this clear violation of these folks’s Civil Rights I have nothing to say to you. Obviosusly you are endorsing an d apprvoing that type of behavior and I cannot accept that.

  18. Squathole says:

    Anonymous: This is a very interesting exchange, although I think I would like it more if it were in English.

    Anyway, see #3 from Kim Chee. The way I read that, Kim Chee condemns it if — big if — in fact there really was voter intimidation going on. (Did any actual voters complain?) I feel the same way, but as I noted above, there really isn’t a whole lot of news to go on. And, as Kim Chee insightfully notes, that might be a problem, too.

    As I said before, I grew up in Philadelphia, and at one time worked as a volunteer to register voters. I know real well what voter fraud and intimidation is all about. Believe it or don’t, I was working to register Black adults to vote Republican. (It wasn’t easy even then because ‘Pubs don’t do a whole lot for Blacks except blame them for everything.) Which is why reading this account in the Philly press, there’s something really fishy about this case.

    But. As Kim Chee succinctly put it, if it really involved voter intimidation, and Holder just blew it off, then it’s an outrage, one of many you can anticipate from your new government, and any government.

  19. Fearless Frank says:

    Blah blah blah. Meanwhile, lost in this boring discussion is the original point: when the left practices political correctness on the college campus, the right goes banana-whacko; and when the right practices it, it barely makes the news. So much for the liberal MSM. Whaddya got to say to that anonymous? You lickspittled fraud.

    Squatto, you’re being ‘way too nice to this nazi, who didnt even bother to read what Kim Chee politely told him.

  20. Kim Chee says:

    Perhaps you are right, Fearless Frank, but as a teacher, I am quite used to not being listened to.

    I find it curious that this nameless person seems to believe that no criticism may be leveled at one camp without another criticism leveled at another camp. As though one somehow morally balances the other. It is playground thinking, most childish.

  21. anonymous says:

    Your sie is always right. Everytime anyone disagrees with the Left, one must is either a Nazi or a racist or any other epithet. Whne the hatred comes from the Left as in the case of these goons is alright. Nothing new from your side. Yes, your side. When you defend abuses such as this and simply ignore it because they come from blacks, I have to categorize you as a leftist. And yes I am right wing nut, so what? You don’t have any problem with abuses from the Left, so I don’t have any problem with spousing right wing ideas.

  22. anonymous says:

    Fearless Frank,
    Führer nur um, und wir werden folgen! Sieg Heil, Seig Heil!

  23. anonymous says:

    Fearless Frank,
    maybe you should be more concerned with the Black Panther nazi goons dressed in black leather jackets with billy clubs in their hands trying to intimidate the voters, than with supposedly nazi commentaors in Squathole’s blog. The former are real. The latter exist only in your troubled liberal mind.

  24. Squathole says:

    Anonymous: Thanks for stopping by, and making it clear to everybody else what we’re dealing with when you do.

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