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Quick Hit Tuesday

When Government, Religion, and Capitalism Converge On Saturday, amid the most violent clashes between security forces and protesters, Mr. Alipour was shot in the head as he stood at an intersection in downtown Tehran. He was returning from acting class … Continue reading

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“There’s a bone in my Canadian Bacon”

I missed this story the first time around. A court rejected Thursday the appeal of convicted serial killer Robert Pickton, a pig farmer in Canada’s in westernmost British Columbia province sentenced to life in prison…. Pickton was found guilty in … Continue reading

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Beat It! Beat It!

His final act: “How do you feel, Michael?” “Bad!  I’m bad!” Unfortunately, the emergency vehicle was fresh out of Babb-o Sanitized Prepubescent Boy Topical Application Pads, and the pop star perished en route to the hospital. It is said — … Continue reading

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Hopping Mad

Welcome to Pellet City.  Please watch your step. Washington County’s [OR] “Bunny Lady” is back in the hutch after violating a court order not to own or control animals for five years. Miriam Sakewitz, 47, was arrested again Tuesday at … Continue reading

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Whose Timex is on the Terrorist Watch List?

I’m surprised this didn’t get more attention when it came out last week. When people on the government’s terrorist watch list have tried to buy guns or explosives in recent years, the government has let them the vast majority of … Continue reading

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Slice of Life

The day was as long and hard as a dinosaur’s dick, but the computer is on so I scan the blogs to see what’s happening.  I venture over to Rick’s, as I always do, and he has a link to … Continue reading

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Skin Games

Studies show that tanning dependence exists. Dermatologists have compared tanorexia to drug addiction. Endorphins, chemicals which create a feeling of euphoria are released in response to UV light exposure. The pleasurable feeling the person gets when he basks in the … Continue reading

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Perks in Pairs

PRAGUE, Czech Republic — When Petra Kalivodova, a 31-year-old nurse, was considering whether to renew her contract at a private health clinic here, the offer of special perks helped clinch the deal: complimentary German lessons, five weeks of vacation, and … Continue reading

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TunaBowl I

The big wet gossipy scandal is all about Chastity Bono’s decision to undergo a sex change operation.  She wants to be a man, something her wingnut father never managed.  Remember his tearful performance on the floor of the US House … Continue reading

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Slim and None

Mistress Elizabeth was over yesterday scowling at my computer, which made the bad choice to give her a raft of cybershit, so she got out her byte-wrench and beat the crap out of it all night.  So no post today.  … Continue reading

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