Onward Christian Marksmen

Seems as though the long arm of the law has encircled a suspect in Sunday’s fatal shooting of a Dr. George Tiller while the physician was serving as usher in his church:

Scott Roeder, 51, of Merriam….was once a subscriber and occasional contributor to a newsletter, Prayer and Action News, said Dave Leach, an anti-abortion activist from Des Moines who runs the newsletter.  Mr. Leach said that he had met Mr. Roeder once, and that Mr. Roeder had described similar views to his own on abortion.

Commenting on Dr. Tiller’s death, Mr. Leach said, “To call this a crime is too simplistic.” He added, “There is Christian scripture that would support this.”  NY Times

I don’t doubt that for a nanosecond.  Advocates of every perverse cause and activity you can name have cited Christian scripture to support their nasty little foibles and practices, so why not cowardly cold blooded murder?  Why, even our former President, a devout Christian himself, seemed to be okay with waterboarding and other forms of torture, at least when applied to non-Christians.  Besides, any fool knows that assassinating an abortionist in a church isn’t nearly as Q2_Pistol_smoking2morally repulsive as an Islamoterrorist detonating a suicide bomb.

This wasn’t the first violence endured by Dr. Tiller.  In 1993, an assailant put bullets in both his arms, his clinic was bombed and otherwise vandalized often, and he’s had to defend himself in court against government as well as private harassers almost continuously.  He’s stopped more shots than a Stanley Cup goalie, although this one should is the game-ender.

The incident underlines the obvious but infrequently mentioned truth about the so-called Pro-Life camp: they’re really not.  They go ga-ga for fetuses, of course, but once that slippery wet mammaloid gets squirted out, well, it’s just not their problem anymore.  Unless, of course, it grows up and becomes an abortion doctor.  Then it’s gotta die.  Says so right there in the Good Book, it does.

So really, this shouldn’t be called a “murder” or “homicide.”  Strictly speaking, it’s not really “killing.”  It’s administering Divine Justice by god’s angels on earth, an inspired martyr sacrificing himself out of pure, unselfish love for his fellow fetus makers.  He has removed a demon from the earth.   God bless him, his handgun, and his holy crusade.   The Blessed will pray for his gun slinging immortal soul.

Just don’t call this execution a very-late term abortion.  No, they wouldn’t approve of that.

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12 Responses to Onward Christian Marksmen

  1. Neil, a Christian Soul says:

    You’re going to hell.

  2. Kent Standit says:

    It’s catastrophically wrong that a doctor should be gunned down like this — in his church, no less — while lawyers and pastors were spared. Where’s the outrage?

  3. Manual Override says:

    Just another citizen exercising his 2nd amendment rights. Maybe he thought the church was a park, and the doctor a bear. Are pro-lifers pro-bear, too?

  4. Helen Highwater says:

    Here’s an article by a former anti-abortionist wingnut and political activist who accepts responsibility for this murder, and names groups like the ones he organized and remain active as responsible for the climate that created it.


  5. anonymous says:

    Now let us hear about your comments and condemnantion about the shooting of an American Marine recruiter by an Islamic fanatic too. Or are the military recruiters not important enough for you? How about a comment and comdemnation from you on the Islamist soldier who shot and killed an American Marine? Is that worth you time too?

  6. anonymous says:

    ” God bless him, his handgun, and his holy crusade. The Blessed will pray for his gun slinging immortal soul”
    Why don’t you write about the other holy crusader who killed the Marine recruiter in Arkansas? Why do we only read about the Christian crusader and not the Islamic one who shot the Marine? Is it because your friends at the Rotary Club who are such wonderful members, and nice upstanding citizens, will be ofended if you write about one of theirs having committed murder? Please enlighten us infidels.

  7. Squathole says:

    What’s to write, anonymous? Just another upstanding American citizen corrupted by organized religion (Islam, this time) exercising his 2nd amendment rights.

    I didn’t read anything about him being a Rotarian, but maybe he is — I know in my club, some of the members are pretty decent Christian marksmen. Not sure about the Muslims, though. Maybe I’ll ask them after they finish praying to Mecca after lunch on Monday.

  8. Travis T says:

    Gosh, is it my imagination, or do Christians get awfully touchy when it’s pointed out they’re acting just like the murdering raghead terrorists they love to hate?

    I don’t get the Rotarian connection, btw.

  9. anonymous says:

    Travis T,
    maybe you should attend the same meetings at the Rotary Club where Squathole enjoys meeting his Islamic friends, and maybe you will get the picture.

  10. NicFitKid says:

    zOMG! Rotarians are Islamofascists! Run, anon, run for your pathetic little life! They are coming for you! Stock up on lawyers, guns and money.

  11. Ruh Roh says:

    Clowns like anonymous never want to hear that anything is wrong with their own favorite in-crowd, whether it’s their religion, political party, nationality, race, whatever. Their response is always the same: “Yeah what about–?” and point somewhere else.

    That marine shooting was a tragedy, innocent death by a madman. It has nothing to do with condemning THIS madman.

  12. One Man's Opinion says:

    Yo, AnonymASS, you are certainly not as guilty as the attacker by your lack of condemnation. On the contrary. You are in total support of this senseless act & hold this murderer as some kind of hero. Just as radical muslims hold suicide bombers as heroes. It never fails to appall me when an individual, or sect, murders in the name of God. Christian, Muslim, Jew, whatever….it doesn’t matter…..if you kill (&/or threaten to kill) in the name of God you are, IMHO, a terrorist, period. If there is a God & he condones such behavior, you & your kind are welcome to him. No wonder there are so many athiests…..who wants to be associated with such whack jobs?

    Squatty….as usual you manage to inspire interesting & heated debates. Too bad you have to work for a living. Otherwise you could do as anonymASS suggests & spend your time looking for the outrageous & bringing it to our attention. BTW, I think I’ll become a Druid. I think the worship Mother Nature instead of God the Father. A much better fit for me.

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