Perks in Pairs

PRAGUE, Czech Republic — When Petra Kalivodova, a 31-year-old nurse, was considering whether to renew her contract at a private health clinic here, the offer of special perks helped clinch the deal: complimentary German lessons, five weeks of vacation, and free liposuction and silicone breast implants.

“I would rather have plastic surgery than a free car,” said Kalivodova, who could not have afforded cosmetic surgery on her monthly salary of about $1,400. “We were always taught that if a nurse is nice, intelligent, loves her work and looks attractive, then patients will recover faster.”  — PMO2918

Perky boobs, quick recovery.  Yep.  Nurse with a pair = Room with a view.  Hold that thought.  Aaaah.

And hey: “Special perks.”  He said, “perks.”  Uh-huh-huh.

The news article is silent on the perks (uh-huh-huh), if any, offered prospective male employees, most (but not all) of whom would probably not care for new hooters.  Well, there’s always those German lessons and liposuction.  Learn to smartly click your heels and Zeig Heil without your ass rumbling like summer thunder.

And in fact, there’s recognition, at least, that this perk bears the taint of sexism:

Critics say the offers of cosmetic enhancement demean what remains a largely female occupation.   But Irena Pejznochova, spokeswoman of the Czech Nurses Association, said she saw nothing wrong with such offers. “There is nothing degrading in this kind of benefit,” she said.

Still, not all the clinic’s nurses are convinced. “We all want to be sexy and to look good,” said Linda Havranova, 33. But she added: “Surgery is cutting into the body, and there are risks. So for now, I would rather get a Peugeot car.”

Having driven a Peugeot myself once upon a time, I respectfully submit that there are risks involved of equal or greater danger, not the least of which is enduring the scorn of other drivers, and the uneasy compulsion to surrender at red lights.  Aah, those French.

Meanwhile, on this  side of the pond, health care is under serious review, and nurses are in acute demand.  We are wise to monitor this Czech experiment.  Personally, my practice will be hands-on.

PS  What a great post for finding an appropriate graphic!

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8 Responses to Perks in Pairs

  1. Anna Conda says:

    “I would rather have plastic surgery than a free car.” she says. How about free surgery and a plastic car? There’s something seriously wrong with this whole set-up, inc (esp) that everybody sees it as so normal.

  2. infirmière anglaise says:

    les hommes sont des porcs!

  3. Joan Rivers says:

    How superficial!

  4. Kim Chee says:

    Maybe this perk makes sense for wet nurses,

  5. You May Call Me Pierre says:

    Oui, the obligatory put-down of everything French. Given the state of your American automobile industry, is this even sensible, let alone humorous? Peugeot rolls on. How goes your Pontiac? Or your father’s Oldsmobile?

  6. Mumblety Peg says:

    Men are such pigs. In English AND bad French.

  7. Frank of Oregon says:

    Very very sexist, but not because this deal t demeans women or nursing, but because there’s no comparative perk for men. It doesn’t sound like they even want men in nursing.

    Not that I have anything against boob jobs, you understand.

  8. Red White & Blue says:

    Hey Pierre, How goes your military? Ehh? Eehhh?

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